What’s the big deal about Nimble Cloud Volumes?

Nimble Storage has launched a new product called Nimble Cloud Volumes, an enterprise-class multi-cloud storage service that runs applications both in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This company claims that Nimble Cloud Volumes is the only enterprise-grade multicloud service that uses both AWS and Azure for running applications.

Well, what’s the big deal about this product? A lot actually.

First off, this represents the evolution of cloud over the last few years. When cloud emerged as a feasible technology, organizations began to implement their native applications that included both web and mobile-based ones. Then, as cloud technology and security evolved, organizations began to test, develop and migrate their production instances of traditional products such as CRM and financial applications to the cloud. Now, with Nimble Cloud Volumes, organizations can move their critical data to the cloud too as they’ll have the same durability and enterprise-level capabilities that they enjoy on-premises.

Nimble Cloud Volumes is designed to offer the same simplicity as that of a native cloud storage, and at the same time, offer enhanced data protection for critical applications. To top it, Cloud Volumes is also expected to be cost effective as customers are charged only for changed data, and not for complete additional copies. Such a pricing structure optimizes the space available on cloud, thereby making it more cost effective for customers.

In addition, Nimble Cloud Volumes uses two public clouds, and even allows users to move data between these two clouds at any time. This multicloud feature is what makes this product stand out in the crowded cloud market. The obvious advantage with using the combined services of the top two cloud platforms in the world is high data reliability. In fact, Nimble Solutions claims that it offers 99.999999% storage availability and data durability for all applications. For comparison, this is almost one million times greater than what’s available for native cloud storage.

Currently, any person who wants to make the most of the features offered by Azure and AWS have to sign up for both the services, which is practically a waste of money. Also, moving files between these two systems is anything but easy because of the differing protocols and tools used by both the services. With Cloud Volumes, this problem is handled rather easily.

In many ways, this product can be seen as a wrapper for both AWS and Azure, and a bundling of the two under the same wrapper means users can use them interchangeably.

To conclude, Nimble Cloud Volumes is an exciting product as it helps users to leverage the features of the two leading cloud storage platforms, namely AWS and Microsoft Azure. In addition, it makes it easy to move data between these two storage providers, as and when needed. Further, it offers enhanced reliability and high levels of data protection for critical applications. For all this, the cost is also nominal as users get to pay only for what they use.

In this sense, Nimble Cloud Volumes represents the next generation of products in the world of cloud computing.


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