What is Sage 50c?

Sage 50c is a cloud-based accounting software from Sage –  a leading provider of accounting and payroll software. Most of Sage’s products are geared towards small and medium sized businesses, as they’re the ones that need a good amount of automation within limited budgets. Likewise, Sage 50c is also programmed keeping these businesses in mind.

Sage 50c is an cloud version of Sage 50, that was earlier known as Peachtree Accounting. With this new software, users can run Sage 50 on the cloud instead of their local machines, thereby saving them time and resources. They no longer have to worry about their systems being compatible with the software, as all the specifications are handled by cloud providers.

Also, since this software is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any device and location. For example, a user can start working at home on his or her laptop, and complete it from a mobile device while commuting to work; such is the accessibility of this new software.  It gives greater flexibility to employees, especially the millennial generation, as they prefer to have a better work-life balance than the other generations.

In many ways, Sage 50c is like Office 365. Both these software are cloud versions of the parent software, and this is probably why Sage 50c comes with Office 365 Business Premium version. This integration was announced by Sage last July during its summit conference in Chicago, and it is expected to be available for small and medium businesses across different global markets this year. Sage plans to start first with its UK and Ireland market, where it will be available by the end of this month. It’s not clear why Sage chose the UK as its first market for Sage 50c, though some reports speculate that it wants to establish a market before Britain completes all formalities for exit from the European Union (EU). By spring, Sage 50c is expected to be available in the US ,Canada, Germany, and France.

This partnership between Sage and Microsoft extends the benefits of this accounting software greatly. In fact, the combination of Sage’s accounting software with Microsoft’s Excel is expected to help millions of small and medium businesses around the world to better manage their finances and payroll.

Besides the integration of Office 365, other new features in Sage include Sage Contact – a tool that syncs with Microsoft Outlook to give users instant access to the details of their contacts, so they can get all the related information within seconds.  In addition, Sage 50c comes with a feature called Mobile Invoicing that’ll help businesses to record their expenses and generate any necessary invoices remotely. They can even photograph receipts and capital expenses, and upload the same to their account, to help them better track their finances and also to reduce workload during an audit. Businesses can also choose to tie Sage 50c with their bank accounts to give them an instant view of their financial status at any time.

Sage 50c comes with some Business Intelligence reporting tools as well to give businesses an insight into their operations and performance. In all, it’s going to be an exciting year for Sage and its customers.

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