Teridion Gets a New CEO

Teridion, an Israeli-American based cloud networking company, has got a new CEO. Saar Gillai, the former vice-president of Hewlett Packard enterprises has taken over the reins of this company to put it on the past of fast growth.

Teridion is a company that aims to create fast lanes for content to move from cloud providers like Box top their end users. In many ways, this company’s software acts as a traffic cop that direct users through the best possible route to reach the destination.

Let’s say, a user requests content from Box, but one of the nodes in the network is down. Instead of delaying the availability of data to customers, Teridion’s software routes it through other nodes, so the user doesn’t even know something is amiss. It’s not just when a node is down, even during normal transmissions, this software finds the best possible route to ensure that the content reaches users quickly.

Teridion claims that it can increase network speed by ten times, thereby offering high availability and on-demand services to customers. Also, there is zero capital expenditure involved in this process, as everything is controlled by Teridion’s software.

This four year old company helps SaaS customers to have a congestion-free and latency-ridden performance. As Internet traffic grows, it is difficult to continuously build out hardware and infrastructure as both are expensive and time-consuming. This is why Teridion came up with this unique idea to create a software that will manage congestion, without any capital expenditure for clients.

So far, this idea seems to have caught on well with customers in the tech world. Teridion’s revenue has grown manifold over the last four years and now, it is all geared to move on to the next level of growth and performance.

To help Teridion to leap to this next level, this San Francisco-based company has hired Gillai because of his in-depth knowledge in networking. He had worked in Cisco from 1998 to 2005 after which he joined a company called 3Com, a Cisco rival that was eventually acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2010. He continued with HPE in the role of a senior vice-president until last year. With more than 20 years of innovative experience and knowledge, the Teridion Board believes that he is the right person to head this company at this juncture. Gillai, replaces Chris Keene, who held this position for one year.

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