Telstra Acquires Readify

Telstra has recently announced the acquisition of Australian based Readify, a developer of Microsoft software applications. This acquisition adds to Telstra’s cloud portfolio, adding to earlier acquisitions of Kloud in January as well as O2 Networks, Bridgepoint Communications, and NSC.

About Readify:

Based in Melbourne, Readify has won several awards from Microsoft. Readify has approximately 200 staff members and 80% of staff members are software developers.


Previous Acquisitions:

In January, Telstra aimed to expand its managed network application services by acquiring Australian based Kloud.  Kloud provides solutions for application development, cloud infrastructure, identity, productivity, and security. It also provides services to more than 80 government and corporate customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

North Shore Connections (NSC) was acquired by Telstra in August of 2013. O2 joined Telstra in January 2014 for AU$60 million and data management provider Bridgeport was acquired in October 2014.

In March of 2016, Telstra announced a three software defined network (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) products in order to improve cloud security and global data center interconnection. The products introduced were Cloud Gateway Protection, Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Data Center Interconnect.  

Cloud Gateway Protection is a virtual security application that aims to secure cloud services and internet access against cyber attacks.

Internet VPN aims to provide an encrypted office network over public internet for enterprises to utlize across a multitude of sites.

Data Center Interconnect, extends Telstra’s SDN PEN1 global data center interconnection by adding points of presence throughout the Australian region.  



Michelle Bendschneider, Telstra’s executive director of Global Enterprise and Services: “As we know, apps and software in general are playing an increasingly important role in businesses. Readify is recognised globally for its innovative software solutions and will further help us create software-led digital transformations with our customers. Readify will provide application development and data analytics services, nicely complementing Kloud’s existing services. It will enable Telstra to add incremental value to customers in enterprise cloud applications, API-based customisation, and extensions, as well as business technology advisory services.”

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