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Nuance Adds Voice to Epic Mobile Electronic Health Record Apps

Nuance Adds Voice to Epic Mobile Electronic Health Record Apps

by RichardOctober 16, 2012

Nuance Communications, Inc.  today announced that Epic electronic health record (EHR) customers can now use voice-enabled clinical information capture through Epic Haiku for the iPhone™ and Canto for the iPad™.

“Epic’s mobile applications provide valuable EHR access both inside and outside the hospital or clinic environment,” said Dr. Jeffrey Westcott, medical director, Cardiac Catherization Lab, Swedish Medical Center. “For me, it’s important to have the on-the-go accessibility provided by tablets and smartphones. Using voice recognition to document a note in Haiku or Canto allows me to seamlessly dictate the patient narrative into the electronic healthcare record using a workflow that suits my style and ensures my focus can remain on patients.”


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Cerner, Nuance Collaborate to Embed Cloud-Based Voice Techn in Mobile EHR Solutions

Cerner, Nuance Collaborate to Embed Cloud-Based Voice Techn in Mobile EHR Solutions

by RichardOctober 10, 2012

Cerner and Nuance Communications today announced that the companies have expanded their relationship to accelerate the adoption of simpler, faster and smarter healthcare solutions for clinicians worldwide. The expanded partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to providing innovative, proven solutions that keep patient care a top priority by leveraging voice and mobile technologies to optimize clinician workflow and maximize the benefits of electronic health records (EHRs).

Under a new worldwide agreement, Cerner will embed Nuance’s cloud-based medical voice recognition into its full portfolio of mobile EHR solutions – including PowerChart Touch™ that was announced at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in February. This integration will create a new class of mobile healthcare solutions on phones and tablets that enable clinicians to capture more complete patient notes, navigate applications and search for information while on-the-go – simply by using their voice.

In addition, Cerner and Nuance announced the availability and integration of Nuance’s radiology reporting suite, PowerScribe 360, with Cerner’s RadNet® Radiology Information System (RIS). This solution is an example of both companies’ ongoing innovation and will allow radiologists to dictate, in real-time, reports that are integrated directly and instantly with the patient record.


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Nuance Introduces Nina, the Virtual Assistant for Mobile Customer Service Apps

Nuance Introduces Nina, the Virtual Assistant for Mobile Customer Service Apps

by RichardAugust 6, 2012

Nuance Communications today introduced Nina, the virtual assistant for mobile customer service apps. With Nina, companies can add speech-based virtual assistant capabilities to their existing iOS and Android mobile apps, enhancing the self-service experience for their customers. Nina combines Nuance speech recognition, Text-to-Speech (TTS), voice biometrics, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology hosted in the cloud to deliver an interactive user experience that not only understands what is said, but also can identify who is saying it.

Nuance also announced that USAA, a leading financial services provider that serves members of the U.S. military, veterans and their families, has adopted the virtual assistant for use within its popular mobile app. A pilot is planned for August and the functionality will launch to all USAA members early next year.

“USAA’s innovative solutions are designed to make life easier for our highly mobile military service members, and increasingly for all members who now expect to get things done when, where and how they want,” said Neff Hudson, assistant vice president of emerging channels for USAA. “We believe that the virtual assistant has tremendous potential to make it simpler, faster and more satisfying for our members to manage their financial affairs on their mobile devices.”


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Nuance PaperPort Notes App for iPad Taps Power of Dragon for Note Dictation

Nuance PaperPort Notes App for iPad Taps Power of Dragon for Note Dictation

by RichardJanuary 25, 2012

Nuance Communications, Inc. today announced a new version of its PaperPort Notes app for the Apple iPad, for the first time letting people create notes simply by speaking. PaperPort Notes’ new dictation capabilities are powered by Nuance’s proven Dragon voice recognition via the cloud-based Dragon Mobile software developers kit (SDK), which is behind a growing number of voice-enabled mobile and consumer apps.

PaperPort Notes is a complete digital note-taking app for the Apple iPad, making it easy to create handwritten, typed – and now dictated notes. The app supports accessing and saving documents from cloud services including Google Docs,, DropBox and PaperPort Anywhere. Users can also annotate and highlight documents, combine pages of documents from the cloud and the web, and capture documents using the built-in camera on the Apple iPad. PaperPort Notes saves documents as industry standard PDF, making it easy to share notes with others.

With the new release, users can easily dictate notes, create to-do lists and even create sticky notes using the new Tap-and-Speak feature. And because its powered by Dragon’s cloud-based voice recognition, people see their spoken words quickly returned as text directly within PaperPort Notes.

“Voice has become the preferred way to interact with devices and services for a simple reason – it is faster and better than any other option,” said Robert Weideman, senior vice president and general manager of the Nuance Document Imaging Division. “The proof is in the app – PaperPort Notes with Dragon voice input is simply a better way to create, use and share your notes.”

Key Features of PaperPort Notes

  • Quickly create typed, handwritten and dictated notes;
  • Annotate and highlight documents and notes, and add sticky notes;
  • Add page-specific audio comments within notes;
  • Combine documents or specific pages from documents stored in
    cloud-based document sharing services such as Google Docs,,
    DropBox, Evernote and PaperPort Anywhere
  • Capture content from the Web and using the built-in camera on the
    Apple iPad 2
  • Reorder, delete and copy pages, add/edit bookmarks;
  • Search and navigate quickly through notes;
  • Share documents and notes as industry-standard PDF using email, as
    well as cloud-based document sharing services

The new release of PaperPort Notes showcases how app developers can quickly add speech-to-text to their apps using the Dragon Mobile SDK – in just a matter of days. PaperPort Notes uses the same Dragon Mobile SDK used by thousands of app developers through Nuance’s NDEV Mobile developer program. To learn more, visit the NDEV Mobile developer page.

Nuance PaperPort Notes supporting English is currently available as a free download in the Apple App Store at

More information is available at the PaperPort Notes page on

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Cloud-Based, Medical Speech Recognition from Nuance Healthcare Aids Clinician Mobile Workflow

Cloud-Based, Medical Speech Recognition from Nuance Healthcare Aids Clinician Mobile Workflow

by RichardDecember 7, 2011

Nuance Healthcare’s cloud-based, medical speech recognition technology is increasingly being used to power the mobile clinical environment. Today, healthcare provider organizations and independent software vendors including LifeDox, Massachusetts General Hospital, MedMaster, PhoenixOrtho, University of Miami and others are speech-enabling mobile healthcare applications to enhance clinicians’ mobile experience and to simplify their mobile interactions.

With continued growth in mobile device adoption across care teams, it is more important than ever for healthcare applications to support the needs of clinicians so mobility can be obtainable, process-driven and lead to rich collaboration.

“We created an orthopedic-specific tool, Phoenix Touch for iPad, to make orthopedic physicians more productive through increased mobile freedom and functionality. The reality, however, is that touchscreen devices will never catch up to the speed of typing on keyboards. By partnering with Nuance, we’ve speech-enabled our app so physicians have an easy and natural way to leverage and interact with mobility. Mobility, and more importantly, speech-driven mobility in healthcare will lead to increased provider productivity and to enhanced care delivery,” said Paul L McCune, CEO, PhoenixOrtho.”

Nuance-powered, speech-driven mobile workflows in healthcare include:

  • Remote EHR Access: Using a speech-enabled mobile electronic
    health record (EHR) front-end like LifeDox or MedMaster, on-call
    physicians can now access patient histories and medical charts on
    their mobile devices. With speech recognition as part of the workflow,
    physicians can easily document findings and clinical notes without
    having to return to a workstation or office. The ability to dictate
    on-the-go within a mobile EHR ensures patient information is updated
    and reviewed in the fastest time possible.
  • Interactive Patient-Side Care: Specialists using mobile
    applications from LifeDox can now visit patients post-surgery and
    retrieve, as well as document, relevant information on their mobile
  • Trauma Communication and Coordination: With specialized,
    speech-enabled mobile apps, clinicians at the University of Miami can
    capture in their own words the patient story without delay. In a
    trauma scenario where every minute matters, this streamlined mobile
    approach helps to speed communication across care teams while
    expediting prep time for surgery.
  • Diagnostic Image View and Reporting: At Massachusetts General
    Hospital, radiologists can now access patients’ diagnostic images via
    their mobile device. By empowering radiologists with mobile image
    access and reporting capabilities, the time in which patients receive
    feedback and care can be significantly shortened.

“Whether it’s zipping between exam rooms or working remotely, mobile access to clinical information is invaluable for caregivers,” says Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Healthcare. “Just as important, is mobile collaboration for caregivers. With speech-driven mobility, clinicians can be completely untethered, yet still be fully plugged-in to interact with and contribute to the care delivery process.”

Healthcare provider organizations and independent software vendors can leverage cloud-based medical speech recognition from the Nuance Healthcare Development Platform for use across multiple devices and operating systems. By providing all CPU intensive speech and language processing in the cloud, this platform enables speech and language understanding technologies to be embedded as part of browser-based applications, mobile applications and thin-client desktop solutions. For more information visit:

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Nuance Launches PaperPort Anywhere Cloud Service

Nuance Launches PaperPort Anywhere Cloud Service

by RichardAugust 2, 2011

Nuance Communications, Inc., a provider of speech and imaging solutions, today introduced PaperPort® Anywhere, a new cloud-based service that makes it easy to organize, access and share documents from nearly any PC and mobile device. PaperPort Anywhere lets users manage and access their documents in the cloud using web browsers, as well as using free apps from Nuance for Apple® and Google® Android® mobile devices.

The service uses the market-leading Nuance OmniPage® OCR (optical character recognition) engine to automatically create searchable documents from scanned and camera-captured documents, as well as faxes, making paper content as easy to search and find as digital documents. As a result, users can organize, access and share all of their document content on PaperPort Anywhere.

“There is a reason that recent surveys show over 51% of people still use paper files – it is in large part because current cloud services treat paper content as an afterthought,” said Robert Weideman, vice president and general manager for the Nuance Document Imaging Division. “PaperPort Anywhere goes further than other services by closing the content gap between paper and digital documents – making it easy to scan to the cloud, improving the way users manage both their scanned and digital documents, and by making cloud access easy and convenient.”