SugarSync Review


SugarSync is a simple and powerful document sharing solution that offers one of the best mobile suites available on the market. Founded in 2008, SugarSync is based in San Mateo, CA and currently helps millions of business users worldwide securely store and share documents.

Brands such as Best Buy, Lenovo, SanDisk, France Telecom-Orange, Korea Telecom and more have selected SugarSync as a partner to bring document storage and related services to their customers.

How did SugarSync become a dominant player in document sharing?

Simple. A dedication to mobile support.

SugarSync supports iOS or Android phone and tablet devices to access, share and manage files from anywhere. The document sharing platform ensures that any file that is edited will be instantly updated, so the latest version is always available. Also, due to the enhanced mobile access, users can remotely wipe data if sensitive information is available on a mobile device.

Plus, SugarSync includes some of the largest amount of storage capacity available and provides backup for unlimited machines, Mac or Windows. puts it bluntly:

“SugarSync is one of the simplest file syncing services we’ve ever seen.”

SugarSync focuses on providing mobile solutions that enable users to access, edit and share all business documents through native mobile applications.


SugarSync Overview

SugarSync is a leader in secure document sharing solutions because the core foundation of the software platform is data security. In order to securely share documents, then the software must safely store the documents, which is how SugarSync became an industry leader. SugarSync provides unlimited backup and vast amounts of storage because the company is among the leading cloud storage solutions on the market.

Due to the expertise in cloud storage, SugarSync enables clients to backup an existing folder structure, which is accessible instantly on other PCs or mobile devices due to their proprietary File Sync Technology.

SugarSync makes it easy to access all folders across any device, making it easy to get things done while providing the peace of mind that important files are always protected.

SugarSync Benefits

In addition to the automatic and continuous real-time backup, SugarSync built its reputation on some other significant advantages as a secure document sharing provider. For example, Sugarsync provides complete control. From collaboration on team projects, distributing view-only files or simply post links to documents on the web, the SugarSync platform enables managers to maintain complete control over how files are shared by inviting specific people to access files and control view and/or edit capability.

One of the major benefits of SugarSync is the mobile functionality that enables users to get stuff done on the go!

SugarSync works with any iOS or Android phone or tablet and allows users to access, share, and manage files from anywhere.

Once the SugarSync app is installed on a mobile device, users can access files from any computer with the application to share photos with friends and family or upload files and photos from a mobile device to a computer (without cables!), even edit documents, depending on the capabilities of the device.


Sharing files from a mobile phone or tablet is a breeze, even if your computers are turned off because the application enables files or folders to be seamlessly synced between any mobile device and computer!

In addition to the comprehensive mobile benefits, SugarSync also adds some core functionality to protect sensitive data.

  • Continuous Automatic File Backup

SugarSync provides an industry leading online backup service that works quietly in the background without interfering with productivity. The service restores all data and keeps personal or business data (photos, videos, presentations) safe if a computer crashes. Plus, the file backup includes version control and data recovery to allows review the past five versions of any document.

  • Share Files and Folders Online

SugarSync provides reliable data security and makes online file sharing simple with the ability to share a file or folder with a few clicks. Plus, SugarSync saves storage space with public links, which means when a recipient clicks the link, they will be able to download the file or the entire folder.

  • Collaborate with Shared Folders

SugarSync keeps all shared files up-to-date and in sync for powerful collaboration with a virtual team. The tools enable folder sharing, which enables users to collaborate on projects by giving a person, or a group of people, access to a shared folder on any mobile device or computer. No more wasting time emailing individual files and tracking the latest versions.


SugarSync Security & Document Protection

SugarSync places a lot of emphasis on data security. Any software solution that takes advantage of mobile users, must maintain the highest security standards because of the increased risk of theft or lost devices.

SugarSync provides extra document security through the remote wipe functionality on both PCs or Macs, which makes the vendor possibly the only company on the market that offers this level of control and security.

Remote Wipe makes it simple to remove all synchronized files from a PC or Mac in the event of loss or theft. It also makes it easy to transfer ownership of a computer, which is a nice touch for business users. The remote wipe functionality removes all personal data stored in the cloud from a machine. But, because the data remains in the cloud, it can easily be synced to a new, replacement device!

In addition to the document-level protection, SugarSync adheres to the industry leading best practices to ensure all data is safe and secure.

  • Data Encryption

SugarSync transfers files with TLS protocols and stores data with 256 bit AES encryption, which is used for online financial transactions.

  • Data Protection

SugarSync offers easy online data protection and data recovery, which aims to provide peace of mind knowing that the online backup is always up to date and all files are 100% secure.

  • Secure Uploading and Downloading

For maximum security, when users sync files to SugarSync’s servers, all files are sent over the Internet using TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption, which is the industry standard for secure web communications. This means that customer computers and SugarSync servers go through a “handshake process” that ensure every piece of information moved between them is verified as a secure communication, whether data is being uploaded or downloaded. This process ensures that all data is encrypted before leaving SugarSync servers.

SugarSync offers an incredible amount of storage capacity, along with industry leading mobile access and functionality. The price is right too! SugarSync offers an introductory plan $7.49 per month that includes 100GB, while the standard plan is $9.99 per month and includes 250 GB.

For organization that needs secure document sharing and storage, then SugarSync should be on the short list of software solutions!