SoftNAS Helps Solve Enterprise Storage Problems

SoftNAS, a leading software company that provides storage software to protect critical data across all types of clouds, announced today that their new solution for on-site, hybrid and public cloud storage management, called the SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway, is available. It aims to manage the high expenses behind baking up data and time required to archive and retrieve older data. SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway allows on-site and hybrid cloud storage systems to exist as a unified, shared file system to maximize savings and flexibility. The software is ideal for enterprises due to its local caching and S3 object storage connectivity.


Research done by Markets and Research show that the cloud storage market should grow by about 54% in the next four years. The amount of data being collected and stored is also expected to double every 18 months. SoftNAS is trying to transform how IT is delivered, making data available wherever customers need it in a timely manner without adding too much cost and infrastructure. Their new software allows companies to do just that.


SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway overcomes the singular gateway problem facing many companies by combining three things. First is access to on-site and private storage. Second is access to public cloud storage. Lastly is a unified shared system with NAS features via NSF and CIFS/SMB. These allow customers that want a traditional file system as well as the ability to use S3 compatible storage to reasonably implement their wishes.




Businesses struggle with backups that cause restrictions due to time, space and hardware. Any NFS or CIFS compatible backup tool can be used to store high-speed backups using the Cloud File Gateway onto local storage, S3 compatible object storage and iSCSI SANs. Along with the newly released SoftNAS Cloud version 3.3, backups can happen up to 10 times faster and archival use can be up to 5 times faster.


The SoftNAS software is the perfect compliment to VMware Virtual SAN with the requisite NAS features, unified storage and CIFS/SMB with Active Directory integration. It extends the VMware to include highly durable storage up to 26 petabytes of secure off-site storage. SoftNAS extends the virtual SAN storage, Offers a full NAS filer feature set and Access to patent pending Hybrid HA tunneling provides non-stop Cloud HA across datacenters with block replication, automatic failover and seamless HA storage between a premise-based VMware data center and vCloud Air.


They also provide a complete software-defined storage solution for private, hybrid and public clouds that is easy to download, install and run on existing VMware vSphere host with a feature set that includes encrypted and highly durable storage, SSD caching, accessible via standard protocols, no special hardware required, transforms VMware into a comprehensive storage solution and multi-user capable for service providers.

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