Skyhigh Networks Partners with CIS Cybermarket

Skyhigh Networks has announced that it has entered into an agreement with CIS Cybermarket, the government purchasing cooperative that serves the local, state and tribal governments.

Central Internet Security (CIS) Cybermarket, previously known as the CIS Trusted Purchasing Alliance, makes the most of the purchasing power of the public sector to help them navigate the world of cybersecurity. It specifically collaborates with leading cybersecurity companies to help the public sector take advantage of the advancements made in technology.

This is big news both in government tech and cloud world because this is the first time that CIS Cybermarket has offered the services of a cloud service broker to its members.

In general, security is a major concern for government departments because they deal with sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers (SSN), date of birth and financial details that can bring heavy loss if it falls in the wrong hands.

Moreover, there are still many apprehensions when it comes to storing sensitive information in the cloud, despite all the advancements made in the field of cloud security. Much of these apprehensions can be attributed to the number of hacking incidents that have taken place in the near past as well as lack of knowledge on the processes in place to curb these malpractices.

To assuage these fears, security assurances are important as they give a fair amount of confidence and surety about data safety. In this case, many members of CIS Cybermarket want to move their operations to the cloud, but are wary of the pitfalls. This is why Skyhigh Networks was chosen to provide the much-needed assurance about data safety.

To give you a small brief, Skyhigh Networks is a cloud access security broker that helps organizations to enforce security, compliance and governance policies across all its data points and cloud services, regardless of the device and number of users. In many ways, this cloud-hosted software provider acts as a control point to ensure continuous visibility, so companies can always stay on top of their data and applications. Such a software alleviates many fears and even gives assurance about cloud security.

So, this brings up the next question, why Skyhigh Networks and why not some other cloud access security broker?

One of the primary reasons is that Skyhigh Networks is the only cloud access service broker to be authorized through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. This program is used by federal agencies to assess cloud vendors and to make the right choices based on their needs. Almost all state and local governments use this program as a standard for buying all kinds of cloud services.

Besides this authorization, Skyhigh also has the experience and expertise needed to guide members through the enforcement process across all their SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms.

This partnership, the first of its kind, is expected to bolster the relationship between public and private sector, particularly in the cloud industry. Let’s hope that this addresses many of the fears and insecurities that plague the public sector when it comes to cloud adoption.

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