Sixa Gets Funding for a PC-free World

The tech startup scene sure looks promising, as more companies are coming up with innovative ideas, that are in turn, backed by some of the best venture capitalists of our times. Another such company that has obtained funding for its innovative product is Sixa. This company has got $3.5 million in funding from a group of investors led by Tandem Capital.

So what is so different about Sixa’s product and how is it going to impact the tech market?

Currently, cloud is a big technology, and more companies are moving their operations to it because of the many benefits that it offers. That said, many individual customers still prefer to keep their PC’s close to them, which means, most PCs are located on site and not on the cloud. While this has worked for so many years, individual customers are obviously missing out on the advantages of moving to the cloud.

To enable these customers also to make the most of cloud, Sixa aims to help them move to the cloud with their low-latency virtual machines. Launched about three months ago, this product is aimed mainly at developers now, though it can widen to other individual users in the future.

For many developers, this is the technology they were waiting for, so it’s little wonder that there is a waiting list in the thousands. To meet these demands, more than 15,000 employees were brought on board, and this helped the company to release its beta version last week. The additional funding is expected to further boost the presence of the company and help it to cater to a global demand.

Sixa’s product brings a ton of benefits for developers. The first and foremost benefit is they are PC-free, which means, they can work from any device and from any location of their choice. They are no longer confined to an office or home environment, and this flexibility can greatly boost the productivity of employees. Secondly, they don’t have to worry about upgrading hardware or software, as those aspects are taken care of by the cloud administrators. The same holds good for security patches and updates too. As a result, developers are free to focus on their task, without worrying about the overheads, and this makes them more productive than before. Higher levels of productivity is a good enough incentive for companies to subscribe to this service too.

There are already many platforms like that provided this flexibility for users, so what’s new here? The answer is latency. Many services had latency problems with their virtual machines. This means, when a developer moves the mouse, he or she will see the cursor move only half a second later. This is frustrating to say the least, and can impact the effectiveness and productivity of employees. This product from Sixa overcomes this drawback by reducing the latency to 11 milliseconds on its end. Still the speed of your Internet Service Provider and your distance from the data center will continue to impact your access speed, but it is sure to be faster than before.

This service is available for $49/ a month or $0.49/ an hour.

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