Service Cloud Einstein to Power Salesforce CRM

In a bid to take on competition and to boost its own marketshare in the cloud CRM market, Salesforce has decided to add Service Cloud Einstein to its portfolio. Dubbed as the world’s best intelligent customer service platform, Service Cloud Einstein helps companies to better manage the complexities of customer service with the help of artificial intelligence. Released during Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference last year, this product is the summation of all artificial intelligence efforts from the company.

Service Cloud Einstein create an intuitive experience for customer service agents and their managers, and in the process, improves their overall efficiency and productivity. For a customer service agent using Service Cloud Einstein, it routes the call to the correct agent using a feature called Einstein Case Management. This feature uses machine learning to automatically escalate calls if needed. In other cases, it classifies them into different categories, and brings up the case resolution management for the agent, thereby making it easy for him/her to handle customer requests and queries.

In addition to providing case resolutions, these platforms collect initial information through chatbots, and pulls up any relevant information about the customer. Obviously, such prior information can prepare agents to better handle customer calls. It also gives the necessary background information to add a personal touch to customers.

Service Cloud Einstein works great for customers too, as every case is prioritized and handled efficiently. It evaluates a case based on its level of emergency, and in the case of high priority cases, it automatically routes them to the best agent within the shortest time possible. As a result, customers can get their issue handled quickly and efficiently.

Such a system is sure to add many layers of business value to any organization. Firstly, when customers get quick and personalized service, they tend to be happy. This translates to good satisfaction levels, and that customer is likely to stay with the company. This factor alone can save thousands of dollars for companies, as it is estimated that any marketing campaign spends almost ten times to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

Secondly, this system works well for agents, as they have all the information required to handle a customer’s call. This is sure to keep them engaged and satisfied, which translates to a low attrition rate. ¬†Again, companies get to save money as they don’t have to spend often on finding the right candidates and training them. Experienced employees will tend to stay back, and this is sure to increase the overall productivity and bottom line revenues of the company.

Lastly, Service Cloud Einstein collects information and provides an intelligent analysis of the same. In other words, this will give more insights into customer call patterns, nature of problems and customers’ behavior. Armed with such information, managers can offer a higher quality of service to customers in the future.

In all, the addition of Service Cloud Einstein can boost the productivity of clients in a big way, and in the process, will improve the marketshare of Salesforce too.

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