Red Hat Buys Codenvy

Mergers, acquisitions and buys have become a standard practice in today’s business world, especially in segments that see explosive growth like the cloud industry. The latest in this list is the announcement from Red Hat that it has bought a startup company called Codenvy, though the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Codency is a four year old startup company that specializes in providing cloud native development tools to help develop containers and cloud-first applications. Based in San Francisco, this company has about 40 employees.

Codenvy’s product is built on Eclipse Che, an open source and cloud integrated development environment that doubles up as a server as well. As a result, Codenvy integrates runtimes, project, development and test environments into a single space to make collaboration easy. And the best part is all of it runs well in Linux containers.

In addition, Conenvy also connects to popular workflow tools such as Jira and Jenkins to make it easier for developers to create any kind of cloud application, regardless of the segment or industry.

According to Harry Mower, a senior director at Red Hat, Codenvy’s technology reduces the time it takes for developers to get started and create cloud-based applications. In fact, this could be one of the reasons for Red Hat to acquire this startup.

Both these companies also have a long history of association as they have collaborated with Microsoft to create development tools. In fact, Codenvy is already a part of Red Hat’s OpenShift platform. Considering this association, it’s only natural for Red Hat to acquire Codenvy to strengthen its native tools portfolios.

Red Hat has announced that going forward, it will put Codenvy and Eclipse Che at the center of its workspace management technology. Also, it plans to add Codenvy to its existing portfolio of developer tools and application platforms, with an aim to make it easy for developers to create applications in hybrid cloud environments as well. Currently, many developers find it challenging to create applications for hybrid clouds, and Red Hat wants to reverse this trend and make life easy for these developers.

This can be an important move for Red Hat because the development environment is changing and evolving. Today, developers work across concurrent projects that require them to have mastery over multiple programming languages. This has created a lot of difficulty and pressure for developers, so everyone, including the organizations they work for, want to ease this pressure on them.

To top it, more organizations are moving towards DevOps and containers to accelerate the speed of deployment. To handle both these trends, a tools like Codenvy can come handy, as it will help developers to build complex applications across varying platforms with relative ease. It even allows developers across different geographical areas to communicate and collaborate with each other on the same tool. Again, this is sure to ease a lot of pressure for developers and can help them become more productivity in the future.

Overall, this is an important acquisition in the world of open source development and one that can give developers a lot to cheer.

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