Rackspace To Host Information Center

The Cloud Security Alliance has taken the initiative to unify cloud service providers to allow for the creation of a peer based information sharing center. This sharing center will be co-chaired by Brian Kelly, CSO at cloud firm Rackspace and the founder and CEO of anonymous cyber incident sharing platform TruStar, Dave Cullinane.
Kelly has said,”The whole concept emerged from what we refer to as Presidential Decision Directive 63, which we started back in May of 1998. Under the Clinton administration they convened a group of people to look at the initiatives needed for the protection of the nation’s critical infrastructure. It had a number of directives, one of which being the formation of a range of information sharing and analysis centers, and a few of them formed immediately — financial services, information technology and telecommunications.”

In addition, Kelly has said that in 15 years these centers have been operable, they have been to learn and improve this new independent information sharing center. “I think, largely, they were ineffective for the initial 5-10 years as participants weren’t really providing anything and they were just there to consume information, and it was not really timely enough, nor was it actionable. From a security perspective, we need to represent a unified front. We have to work as one team. I need to be able to call my buddy at Amazon on a moment’s notice, and Google needs to be able to call me to tell me what they’ve found.”

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