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Chinese based enterprise security start-up Qingteng Cloud Security has recently gained its first round funding of 60 million Yen from CBC Capital and Redpoint Ventures, setting a record among cloud security start-ups in China for amount of first round funding. Prior to this round of funding, Qingteng received 6.5 million Yen from investments from ZhenFund, Cloud Angel Fund, and Fenghou Capital.
The founder of Qingteng, Zhang Fu, has commented on the severity of the current Internet enterprise security situation. Security operations occur when problems arise, instead of establishing a system of consistent security maintenance. The most efficient way, according to Zhang, to react to external attacks utilizing internal resources is to give security teams tools that allow security operations staff to divert attention from emergency situations, as the tools will take care of them, and instead focus on regular security management.

The security platform was created to be able to adapt to various infrastructures and situations. It may automatically process security issues, construct a safe model for enterprises, analyze internal and external abnormalities that could lead to security issues, and detect as well as block hacking activities. According to Zhang, this security platform has already reached enterprises in many business sectors, including healthcare and finance.

About Qingteng

Qingteng was founded in August of 2014 and is dedicated to offering an adaptive cloud security program that can protect data on various systems and enterprises.

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