Plex is Expanding to Other Cloud Providers

Plex, the cloud media provider that helps customers to access files across a range of different devices, started with providing support only for AWS cloud platform. Now, this company is expanding to include other service providers as well, and this means, Plex Cloud users can also use Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft’s OneDrive to store and access their files. Already, Plex cloud works across major game consoles, smart TVs, and other streaming devices.

Plex launched a beta program in September to give customers continuous access to their media from a wide range of devices. In this beta program, Plex chose AWS as its exclusive cloud provider. However, many users began to face issues with Amazon, and Plex was forced to work out the possible errors to make its beta program fully operational and free of errors. In the meantime, the company also decided to expand to other cloud providers as well.

This is a significant move for both the customers of Plex, and for the cloud market in general. The obvious advantage with this expansion is you can pay the same subscription fee, and access files stores across any of the above cloud storage companies. This way, as a user, you’re not solely restricted to subscribing to AWS when you want to access Plex’s media content.

As for the cloud market, it signifies changing competition. Even until a few months back, AWS was the dominant player, and the other players did not have a significant market share. All this is changing, as is evident from the many changes and deals that have happened over the last six months or so. Google has embarked on an aggressive strategy to increase its market share, and this is evident in the many product releases and acquisitions that have happened over the last few months. Likewise, other companies like IBM and Microsoft are also coming up with different strategies to woo customers and increase their market share. Due to this growing competition, companies like Plex want to expand their offerings to reach more customers. In all, this expansions reflect the growing might of other companies in the cloud space, and in some ways, also reflects the growing maturity of the cloud market.

Plex is a next-generation media provider that is looking to fully tap into the potential of cloud and networking to give customers uninterrupted access to their content from anywhere. This service offers multi-fold advantages for users. Firstly, gone are the days of “always-on” PCs. You are no longer confined to just your PC for accessing your media content, as you can now do it on any device. Secondly, there is no need to own or manage your home server, or even for that matter a storage device like NAS. Hence, you can store all your media on Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox. Thirdly, you can have the same ease of access with Plex, as if the content was stored on your local storage.

With these features and advantages, it won’t be long before Plex becomes a major player in the connected media market.

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