OneHub Virtual Data Room Review

Onehub virtual data rooms (VDR) are a secure, easy-to-use and cost-effective way to privately share confidential business files so you can get deals done faster. Onehub has a focus on the SMB and mid-market, providing a robust set of Data Room tools at an affordable price.

Onehub Virtual Data Rooms add an additional layer of privacy to your file sharing by keeping all recipients anonymous to each other. Startups seeking funding, law firms and investment banks looking to share due diligence, or contractors seeking bids can do so more securely and with greater control with a Onehub Virtual Data Room.

A Onehub Virtual Data Room features:


You determine exactly who has access to your content and the level of permissions each user has with your content. Narrowly define user access with roles such as “Viewer” and “Downloader” to maintain tight control over your documents.


Every event that happens in your Workspace is tracked to see exactly who interacts with your files and when. This not only gives you an accurate, ongoing record of who has accessed your content, but which content users are most interested in.


All content stored via Onehub receives bank-level encryption in transit and at rest.


Add an additional level of control over your content by creating a custom set of terms of use that a recipient must actively accept before they can access your files.


Automatic Watermarks display a user’s email or IP address across every page of your documents to help thwart unwanted sharing.


Add your logo and brand colors to give your Workspaces your own corporate look and feel.


Onehub Virtual Data Rooms are easy to set up immediately, and offer a free 14-day trial for you to try out the service.