Nvidia comes up with a new cloud gaming system

As the cloud market matures, more companies are looking for innovative ways to use its features. There have been instances of companies that use cloud to provide a better indoor environment, and those that use it to solve many of the social problems we face today. The next in this line of innovative cloud products is Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform.

Announced during the company’s CES keynote, this product overcomes a drawback that is being faced by gamers all over the world, which is lack of support from PCs for a fantastic gaming experience. Most PCs today don’t have the capability to play modern games because they don’t support modern graphic cards. As a result, gamers world-over face frustration when they try to play their favorite game on their PC. To overcome this problem, Nvidia’s GeForce Now will allow players to access a cloud-based gaming system, so gamers can simply log into the system and play their games.

Nvidia has used GeForce Now brand in the past too, in case you’re wondering that it sounds familiar. In the past, this brand allowed players to stream games from their own PC, but unfortunately, this product did not go well with customers due to many reasons. Primarily, this product required a Nvidia product such as Shield Portal or Android TV, and this proved to be a disappointment for many customers. Learning from its mistakes, Nvidia has overhauled its GeForce Now brand to make it more attractive and sustainable to its end customers.

The advantages with this new product is obvious. Firstly, gamers can continue to enjoy their gaming sessions without any interruptions, and secondly, they don’t have to worry about upgrading their system or buying a new graphics card. This service is also reasonably priced, as it costs a mere $25 for 20 hours a play – peanuts when compared to the whopping cost of a graphic card and the inconveniences and disruptions that come with it. With this product, gamers are sure to be a happy bunch as they can save money, and at the same time, continue their gaming sessions. However, users will have to download a small client to access this cloud product. The good news is this download and installation takes only a few seconds, and is fairly self-explanatory.

This move augurs well for the gaming industry too, as it can reach out to more customers. Currently, many users are not playing some games because they don’t have the necessary hardware infrastructure. Now, if the same infrastructure is available on the cloud, more people would be willing to play online. In this sense, this move by Nvidia is sure to strengthen the gaming industry as a whole.

At this point, Nvidia plans to make GeForce Now available by March 2017.  We will probably have to wait until March to know the speed and gaming experience this product offers, because as of now, it’s not clear whether Nvidia is going to host it in its own data center or will it take the services of a cloud provider such as AWS.

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