A New Healthcare Cloud from Virtustream

Virtustream, an enterprise class cloud company, announced today that it will be launching a new healthcare cloud for its clients. This new product is built on Virtustream Enterprise Cloud and is aimed to helping clients to comply with the security requirements from regulatory bodies.

One of the key aspects of this healthcare cloud is that it offers an environment that is compliant with existing standards like HIPAA and HITECH. The service level agreements ensure that these requirements are met 99.999%, and this can be a big relief for healthcare companies.

Currently, the many regulations take up a lot of time and resources of healthcare companies and it also takes their time away from their core business. If the IT environment they work on is going to take care of all these requirements, then it’s sure going to make life easy for them.

This healthcare cloud product is designed to support a range of different electronic medical record systems and a ton of other healthcare and non-healthcare applications that are used by hospitals worldwide.

The best part is this cloud can be deployed as a public, private or hybrid cloud, depending on the business needs of the client and the infrastructure they want to implement. Such a flexibility is definitely heartening in today’s cloud environment.

This is a significant move from Virtustream considering its history and expertise. Just to give you a brief background, Virtustream is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. A few years back, this cloud company was acquired by EMC for $1.2 billion in 2015 and it became a part of Dell, when the latter acquired EMC for $67 billion in 2016. As a result, Virtustream became a part of Dell Technologies and this has been a blessing for this division.

Virtustream’s strong cloud presence combined with the IT expertise of Dell makes it a perfect company to offer a healthcare cloud. To top it, this company already has a large target market within the US. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of U.S hospitals are customers of Dell EMC and at least 49 percent of storage infrastructure for hospitals run on Dell software. ¬†Around the world, more than 6000 hospitals use this Dell software for their operations. In addition, seven out of ten top pharmaceutical companies are Dell customers.

This is a significant market and having a healthcare cloud that will make life easy for them would be an attractive option. This way, the company doesn’t have to spend a ton on marketing campaigns, as the target market is clear and ready.

Yet another major feather in the cap is the joint creation of a new connection by Virtustream and VMware. Both the companies recently announced that they will create a VRA Connector to allow VMware’s private cloud customers to extend their mission-critical applications to Virtustream’s Enterprise Cloud.

In all, this is an important announcement and one that can take cloud’s reach to new heights, especially in the healthcare sector. It also, in many ways, shows the wide-reaching impact of cloud technology as a whole.

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