Microsoft and Publicis get into a partnership

The cloud industry is being driven by acquisitions and partnerships, as companies are looking to leverage the strengths and advances made by other companies in the same field. In a way, every company is also extending its own technology and expertise to other areas of operations by partnering with niche companies. The latest in this series is the partnership between Microsoft and Publicis.

Publicis Groupe is a marketing and advertising company that is expanding its existing alliance with Microsoft. The partnership aims to tap into artificial intelligence and behavioral data segments to offer more targeted email campaigns. Specifically, Publicis will tap into the features of Microsoft Azure and Cortana Intelligence Suite to get greater insights about the behavior and expectations of its customers. Based on this information, it wants to help its clients to create targeted campaigns that will reach out to end-users in an appealing way. More importantly, it is sure to improve the conversion rate and bring in more business and revenue for Publicis’ clients.

Publicis already has its own intelligence system called Cosmos AI, and  this will be made available to business through the Azure cloud platform. From Publicis perspective, this is a lucrative deal as its clients can now have access to both Cosmos and Azure, and this means, Publicis can charge more licensing fees from them. In fact, this combined offering of artificial intelligence can add to the revenue of Publicis in a big way.

For Microsoft too, this is a good deal as it’s another opportunity to extends its platform and collaborate with the ad agency. Microsoft is looking to optimize its platform in the best way possible, especially as it wants to take on AWS – the most dominant player in the cloud market. Also, the fact that the cloud market is growing by leaps and bounds means that more opportunities are coming up for all companies in this market, and Microsoft wants to grab as much as it can.

This partnership between Microsoft and Publicis is not something new, as both the companies have a long history of working together. In 2009, Microsoft had sold its digital agency called Razorfish to Publicis for a sum of $530 million. Interestingly, Microsoft had acquired Razorfish only in 2007 from a company called aQuantive for a whopping $6.3 billion.

So, what does this mean for the cloud industry and the many enterprises that use it?

Almost every partnership augurs well for clients because they have more choices and at the same time, they have access to more features. The same is true for this partnership too. When Cosmos data product is combined with Azure cloud platform, it’s bounty time for marketers, as they can get deeper insights into individual customers, based on which, they can customize their products, create appropriate marketing campaigns and do so much more. The best part is all this information is available in real-time, so they can come with new ways to boost their revenue.

Due to these reasons, this partnership between Microsoft and Publicis works well for everyone.

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