Microsoft and Adobe Partner Together to Deliver Next-generation Personalized Services

Microsoft and Adobe Systems took their partnership to new levels, with the decision to promote the use of each other’s cloud computing tools. Announced during Microsoft’s annual conference, Ignite, this decision is likely to be highly beneficial for both the companies, as well as their respective customers.


Under this agreement, Adobe will make Microsoft’s Azure its preferred cloud platform to run its web-based digital media, business, and marketing tools such as Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Specifically, Adobe will use SQL Server and Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite to provide new insights about customer behavior.

In return, Microsoft will make Adobe’s Marketing Cloud as the preferred marketing service for its Dynamic 365 Enterprise Software, that provides business planning and sales capabilities to end-customers. Further, both the companies are planning to collaborate on data integration that will allow customers to work seamlessly across each other’s software.

This agreement is expected to give Microsoft an edge in an increasingly competitive public cloud computing race, and could help to expand the reach of Azure cloud platform. For Adobe, this partnership has opened new possibilities to leverage the power of cloud for its digital marketing services. Currently, Adobe is the leader in the $5.6 billion digital marketing market, followed by companies like IBM, Salesforce, and SAP. This deal with Microsoft can give Adobe a leap ahead of its competitors, thereby increasing the gap with its rivals. In addition to these benefits for both the companies, this partnership is also seen as a joint effort to leapfrog the cloud services of Amazon, Alphabet Inc, and

This announcement comes on the heels of an agreement signed in 2015 to link some of Adobe’s products with Microsoft’s CRM tools. The success of this partnership, and the mutual benefit that both the companies gained from it, led to a more strategic agreement between the two technology giants.

So, what does this new partnership mean for customers?

The last few years has seen an increasing emphasis on personalized marketing. The days of organic website traffic growth is coming to an end, as Internet traffic due to paid advertising tactics is reaching its saturation levels. To drive more traffic, advertising campaigns need to offer a holistic experience that is best achieved through personalization. In other words, digital marketers should create a personalized experience, that leverages mobility and at the same time, supports the customers’ journey.

Such personalized marketing campaigns work best when it is backed by intelligent cloud platforms that have the potential to digitally transform marketing efforts, and provide opportunities to engage with customers in new ways. This partnership between Microsoft and Adobe is expected to provide these opportunities, as it harnesses the power of cloud computing and advanced predictive analysis to help digital marketers design and deliver exciting digital experiences.

With this partnership, the future sure looks interesting, not just for Microsoft and Adobe, but also for the many customers who use a wide range of digital tools to provide meaningful experiences for their end-clients.

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