Magento Launches B2B Cloud

Magneto Commerce, a company specializing in cloud commerce solutions, has released a new product called Magneto Digital Commerce Cloud. This product allows all business-to-business (B2B) merchants to handle their business requirements using cloud technology.

This is a good strategy by Magneto Commerce, considering that the B2B market is way behind in innovation and progress when compared to the B2C market. To fill this gap, Magneto Commerce has come up with this product. Announcement about this product was made in Las Vegas during the Imagine 2017 conference.

So, what do corporate customers get from Magneto Digital Commerce Cloud?

First off, companies can support other corporate buyers on many fronts such as commerce account management, price lists and so on. This will give them the necessary tools for processing online requests,  regulating workflow, managing inventory and so much more.

Another salient feature is that Magneto’s platform comes with APIs and extensions that will help it to integrate with existing systems such as CRMs and ERPs. This way, legacy systems can be combined with technology, so the life of existing systems is greatly increased.

In fact, this flexibility is an aspect that’s missing on many B2B platforms today. As a result, these B2B systems operate in their own ecosystem, and companies are forced to migrate their data and operations to the ecosystem of the products. This way, the existing infrastructure and the investments made in this regard go waste. With Digital Commerce Cloud, there is a possibility to increase the life of existing systems as they can be integrated with APIs.

To top it, this cloud product addresses many of the challenges faced by branded companies. Currently, companies face bottlenecks in the area of corporate management, where there are many layers when a sale is made to large corporations. The tools in this product make it easy to manage these multiple levels, and even streamline the process to make it convenient for sales managers.

Yet another cool feature that comes in Digital Commerce Cloud is intelligent inventory in real-time. Typically, most corporate clients face the problem of inventory management. They are either under-stocked or overstocked, despite all the different strategies such as Just In Time (JIT) inventory management. What this product does is it offers inventory intelligence in real-time, so a customer can know what item is available at any given time. Also, it can predict the likely demand for a product and with these two known variables, it’s always easy to manage inventory.

Besides, this product can help to manage backend integration and multi-channel support to ease some workload of B2B clients.

In all, Magento Digital Commerce Cloud can be the revolutionary product that helps to address many of the gaps that exist in the current B2B market. It’ll be interesting to see the response for this product, and also if it can truly revolutionize this market and bring it on par with B2C market in terms of innovation and progress.

In fact, we can say that the next few months are sure to be interesting for Magneto and everyone involved in the B2B cloud market.

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