A look into Cerevo’s Data Logger

Do you love biking? Have you always been interested in your ride’s statistics, like how many miles did you cover, average speed, calories burned, and more? There are already many apps that give you this information, and the latest to join this market segment is Cerevo’s Ride -1.

Ride-1 is a data logger that comes with advanced technologies and sensors to give you the most accurate information. It is equipped with nine axis motion sensors, out of which three each will handle geomagnetism, acceleration, and angular velocity respectively. There are also other sensors that come with it such as temperature sensor, air pressure sensor, GPS system, and illuminance sensor, to give you a complete picture of your riding experience.

The best part about this device is that it comes with an 8-GB flash memory that can store up to 400 hours of data. This means, you can store all information pertaining to your rides over a certain time period, and analyze the same, to understand if you’re on the right track to achieve your fitness and biking goals. Also, you can automatically upload this data through cloud or a Wi-Fi connection to other devices, or you can even share it with other people so they know your exact geographic location. This feature can be particularly useful for those who want to track the rides of their near and dear ones.

In addition to these features, Ride-1 is relatively small, and can be attached easily to your bike within minutes. Thus, there is no hassle of a long setup time, and cumbersome usage instructions. When you combine it with a smartphone, you can almost use it like a cycle computer, as it gives you information about your posture, speed, and other aspects in real-time. This feature is most helpful for professional athletes, and others who ride with a specific goal in mind. You or your coach can analyze all this information to make the appropriate changes that’ll get you faster to your biking goals.

Currently, this product is available on Cerevo’s online shop, and also on select retail and electronic stores. It’s priced at around $210. Though some experts consider this to be a little pricey, it’s definitely worth for the features it offers. Also, this price is much lower than that of a highly functional cycle computer, and it can be used extensively on other devices too, provided you combine it with a cloud system and a smartphone. It is also waterproof, and comes with a rechargeable battery that can power the system for 15 hours after a charge of just three hours.

This product is manufactured by a Japanese company called Cerevo. Found in 2007 and headquartered in Tokyo, this company specializes in making next-generation networked devices for both consumers and professional users. The unique ideas and design of Cerevo have made it a popular brand among tech savvy users, especially those belonging to the Millennial generation.

With such cool features, Cerevo’s Ride-1 is going to be a big hit, and the company is likely to meet its target of 10,000 pieces much before its estimated time of three years.

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