A Look into the Announcements at AWS’ re:Invent

It’s been the trend for every major company to make significant announcements during their annual conference, and AWS is no different. It’s annual conference called “re:Invent” took place this year from November 27 to December 1 at Las Vegas. Here’s a look into some of the major announcements made by the company over these five days.


Athena is a SQL-supported query language from Amazon, designed to manage its Simple Storage Service, popularly known as S3. This is an important tool as it makes it easy for users to use standard SQL queries on S3. The cost of this service is $5 per TB of data that is scanned each time.


Aurora is another in-house service from Amazon. This cloud-based relational database is already compatible with many open source platforms such as MySQL. Soon, the popular PostgreSQL will also be supported by Athena, according to the announcement made at re:Invent. This announcement brought much applause from attendees.

AWS Batch

This new tool is likely to coordinate all the resources needed to run batch jobs on Amazon’s cloud. This tool will be ideal for institutions or projects that want to run large-scale computing tests that would entail the setting up of several virtual machines. With this tool, organizations won’t have to worry about the setup, as it will be handled by Batch.


CodeBuild, as the name suggests, can automatically deploy and test code. This can be particularly important for developers who are iteratively building apps over AWS, as it can ensure that the changes are implemented as intended by developers. As you may have guessed, it is a new addition to the family of existing development tools, namely, Code Commit, Code Deploy, and Code Pipeline.


Amazon introduced the idea of Elastic Graphical processing Units (GPUs), that can be added to any EC2 instance when needed. This is sure to give gaming enthusiasts and CAD customers much to rejoice. Currently, this product is in private preview, and more details about its pricing and availability will be disclosed over the next few months.


Amazon gave a big fillip to its IoT arm as well, with the announcement of AWS Greengrass. This product will provide the necessary software components needed to manage local computing and caching for connected devices. It can be particularly useful for IoT devices that have intermittent Internet connection. In addition, it will also help the device to upload data to the cloud, when Internet connection becomes available.


AWS Glue is business intelligence software that will assist advanced analytics on information stored in Amazon’s cloud. Primarily, it will identify the location of a particular data, extract it, convert it into a specified format and prepare it for analysis, and will move it to the platform where it will be analyzed.


Lex is a machine language product that will allow programmers to create interactive and conversational applications. In fact, this technology is at the heart of its Alexa platform, and is now available separately for developers to build applications on AWS cloud.

These announcements mark the beginning of exciting times for both AWS and its customers.

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