InterConnect 2015: Focusing on Cloud Technology

IBM’s annual InterConnect corporate convention is currently going on at the MGM and Mandalay Bay resorts in Las Vegas. The IBM sponsored convention is covering the cloud, mobile, DevOps, security, asset management, application integration and smarter processors. However, the main focus is expected to be the hybrid cloud. This will give IBM’s individual companies an opportunity to discuss how they can leverage each other’s technologies and capabilities.


IBM’s InterConnect is a combination of three events: Impact, Innovate and Pulse. Its purpose it to create a collaborative and comprehensive event.


Much of the new software and services being presented at the convention are designed to ease the work involved with connecting the public and private clouds. IBM has provided a service that allows data to be drawn from external API’s as well as a brand new system that allows organizations to move their workloads into the cloud easily.


Worldwide, about $80 billion has been spent to build and maintain hybrid systems annually. IBM is one of these companies, making the hybrid approach a major part of its cloud computing strategy. Most companies are already following suit and pushing for hybrid systems. Customers and service provider companies each have their own cloud, and the goal is being able to transfer information between them.


IBM’s BlueMix platform offers basic software functionality and management tools for those building cloud applications. BlueMix Local is a software package that promises a subset of these services. Companies can use the Local version to build in-house services and move them to the BlueMix hosted service to run in production.


IBM has recently developed a new API service called API Harmony. This service aggregates a range of public APIs that developers can then intertwine into their own applications. IBM’s Enterprise Containers service offers an entire system for managing virtual containers. This service is based on the Docker open source container, but with more security and management tools. Through API Harmony, users can move containers based on workloads between the IBM cloud and their own.

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