IBM launches Blue Box Cloud

It has been three months since tech giant IBM has purchased private cloud company Blue Box, and IBM has recently announced that it has ported the private cloud software it gained via the acquisition to the IBM SoftLayer cloud. Angel Diaz, VP of cloud architecture and technology at IBM, has stated, “Blue Box is now available in 40 plus data centers around the world. We think the fact that it took us less than 90 days to make the port shows how flexible Blue Box really is.” The managed hosting service removes complexity associated with deploying, updating, and managing an instance of OpenStack from an internal IT organization.


OpenStack, an open source framework that is relatively new, may be able to reduce the licensing costs that are connected with commercial IT management software. Because most IT organizations do not have the ability to not only manage their own but deploy it, they will take advantage of the opportunity to convert to OpenStack and rely on external IT providers. While OpenStack is still being developed, organizations may utilize the Blue Box private cloud on premise or in the Softlayer Cloud. Blue Box Cloud is now available on a global scale.  Jesse Proudman, CTO at Blue Box, has said, “I’ve been impressed by the way the IBM and Blue Box engineering teams have collaborated to quickly bring Blue Box Cloud to a worldwide infrastructure platform. Today, we’ve taken a big step toward our goal of delivering private clouds to customers anywhere in the world—and we’re offering deployment timelines that are unheard of within traditional private cloud.” IBM customers will be able to enjoy the better performance and reduced costs that are connected with the private cloud and support offered by public cloud services.

Through development, OpenStack should be easier to master and automation frameworks should become more sophisticated. IBM is focused on not only expanding the usage of OpenStack, but refining the scalability and interoperability. Overall, it is promising. “Implementing Cloudsoft AMP on Blue Box Cloud across IBM Cloud datacenters will allow us to meet the increased demand from customers for hybrid cloud solutions built on OpenStack,” Duncan Johnston-Watt, chief executive of Cloudsoft. “The combination of Blue Box’s best-in-class OpenStack service and IBM Cloud’s global footprint and legendary private network will enable us to model, deploy and manage our customers’ business critical applications and services worldwide.”

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