Google Unveils Machine Learning APIs

In a latest move to take on competitors in the cloud market, Google has unveiled a set of machine learning tools, APIs, and services. This announcement also signifies a big push into machine learning and artificial intelligence market for the search-engine giant.

A slew of announcements were made in this regard. Here’s a look at each:

 Google Cloud Jobs API

This API will make it easier for companies to find candidates for open positions in their company, as it uses machine learning to better match the skills of candidates to the existing open jobs. This API is available only in the US and Canada as of now, though it plans to expand it to other countries soon.

As soon as the announcement was made, two leading job sites – and, adopted this API and built a prototype within just 48 hours. Currently, this API is available in limited alpha on both these sites.

Cloud Vision API

The next announcement pertains to Google’s popular cloud API – the Cloud Vision API. The company has decided to reduce the price of this service by almost 80 percent because of the significant savings that come from switching its operations to custom TPU chips, that have the capability to amplify machine learning performance. As a result of these capabilities, performance and efficiency are greatly increased, thereby making this API a compelling product for customers.

In addition, Google has enhanced its image recognition capabilities, and has also brought in capabilities to identify landmarks, logos, and other entities.

Cloud Translation API

Google is planning to release the premium version of another popular API called the Cloud Translation API. This API is based on Google Neural Machine Translation System, that uses machine learning to improve speech recognition. This API has the capability to reduce translation errors anywhere between 55 to 85 percent – a significant jump when compared to existing services. It is mainly used in the travel industry where getting the best and closest translation can make a substantial difference.

Currently, this API supports eight languages, namely, English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Soon, the company is expected to add more languages to this API.

Cloud Natural Language API

Google has decided to make its Cloud Natural Language API available for the general public. Also based on machine learning, this API allows a user to reveal the structure, emotions and meaning of any text. In a sample demonstration, Google showed how news stories from the New York Times can be analyzed for sentiments. The same idea can be extended to digital marketing campaigns, where marketers can use the sentiment analysis capability of this API to monitor online product reviews and customer service. The latest version also comes with advanced features such as a more granular sentiment analysis and better syntax analysis.

Cloud Machine Learning Group

Lastly, Google is creating a Cloud Machine Learning Group headed by Fei-Fei Li, former director of Stanford’s AI Lab, and Jia Li, former research head of SnapChat. This group is expected to conduct many more experiments in AI and machine learning.

With these announcements, Google is cementing its place in the competitive cloud market.

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