Google and Nutanix Enter Into an Agreement

Google and Nutanix have entered into an agreement to further application development.

With this agreement, it’s clear that Google understands that it needs help from smaller companies to share its workload on the cloud. Currently, Google has a big presence in the public cloud, but runs behind competitors like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. In fact, all these three companies fight intensely for the same public cloud space, though AWS is the clear leader among the three.

Nutanix, on the other hand, is a successful startup that went public last year. It’s data hardware and software gives a hybrid approach to the cloud and bridges the gap that exists between on-premise servers and data servers in the cloud.

Google obviously stands to gain much from this partnership as it can expand its market offering to also include hybrid cloud, apart from its plethora of offerings in the public cloud. This is also more in tune with the market expectations as many companies want to adopt a hybrid approach.

Though security concerns on the cloud have been bridged to some extent, there are still some inhibitions surrounding it, especially when it comes to critical data. This is why companies prefer to keep their mission critical data and applications close to them and run their other applications on the cloud. Such a hybrid approach is what is becoming a preferred mode and this explains why Google has struck an important partnership with Nutanix.

In the past, Google has been a little hesitant in supporting cloud architectures that are based on a  hybrid approach where a part of the company’s data is stored on its own infrastructure. With this partnership, Google has clearly come out of those inhibitions and even wants to use this to its favor.

This agreement is a part of Google’s larger plan to diversify its cloud offering and score over that of its competitors. In fact, Google has been embarking on a multitude of strategies to grow its cloud business and much of it has been successful so far.

From Nutanix’s point of view too, this is a big milestone as it gives a worldwide customer base and access to resources that can probably take years for Nutanix to create for itself.

It’s good news for cloud customers as well because they can have more choices and a better level of service when the products of both these companies are combined.

The first integration that comes from this partnership will be available to the public from the first quarter of 2018 onwards. These products are expected to make it easy for customers to seamlessly move their data between their on-premise and cloud architectures.

Overall, this is good news for customers and the cloud market at large.

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