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At Google I/O (developer conference) this week, many big developments were announced, some relating to the cloud and some not. One of the most intriguing developments relating to cloud technology had to do with their new messaging system. The cloud messaging technology is already being used by apps to use push notifications to Google users’ Android devices and Chrome browsers, and it is also now compatible with iOS devices. This basically means you will be able to see the notifications on any devices that are connected.




This service also has allowed developers to set up specific topics to either receive or not receive notifications about. Along with this, Chrome has a new system where websites can send push notifications to logged-in Google users.


Another cloud related development is the Cloud Test Lab in which developers can send in their app and Google will test it on the top 20 Android devices around the world. This will allow the developers to look for any defects or crashes that need to be fixed. Google says the service will help catch layout issues and allow developers to spot bugs with low-RAM devices.


Android phones already come with a photo tool installed, but Google Photos is a new way of editing, sharing and storing your photos on your mobile device. The app allows unlimited online storage of photos and videos, organization based on themes, dates or locations and people. There is also a new interface for sharing photos, making them into a video and editing them.

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