Google Cloud Platform Extends Support for More Tools

Google Cloud Platform has extended support for a range of tools to make it easier for developers working across different platforms to integrate Google Cloud into their applications. One of the prominent changes made by Google in this respect is to extend support for applications built on ASP .NET – the open source web application framework that was created by Microsoft.  With this change, other related tools such as Visual Studio, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, and PowerShell will also get support from Google Cloud. The best part of this support is that all the APIs are open source and are available for free on github.

Let’s briefly go through each of these APIs.

C# Bindings

Though Google used many innovative technologies, its internal APIs did not really benefit its end-users. This is why the Google Cloud Platform started using public APIs for many things such as machine learning, logging, and so on. The obvious advantage is you can add any capability you want to these APIs, without ever having to worry about the complex infrastructure that executes them for you.

These public APIs come from many platforms including C#. In fact, the Google Cloud Platform receives million of C# clients from around the world every day, and it services them. If you’re wondering what’s new – it’s the support for newer APIs that require a set of advanced features like bidirectional streaming. To service these new APIs, Google is providing support to run them on a high-performance universal RPC called gRPC, instead of the regular HTTP/REST protocol.


Google Cloud’s tools for the Windows PowerShell helps you to manage the different resources of Google Platform easily. These tools include:

  • Google Cloud DNS – This tools allows you to manage Google Cloud DNS to publish information pertaining to your zone and record in the DNS, without the burden of managing your own DNS server.
  • Google Cloud SQL – This tool makes it convenient to setup, manage, and maintain your own MySQL database on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Google Cloud Storage – This tool makes it easy to store and retrieve any data at any time of your choice. This flexibility allows you to use Google Platform for a wide range of scenarios such as storing web content, archiving data, distributing large objects, and more.
  • Google Compute Engine -This tool helps to create and run virtual machines on the Google Cloud Platform. Compute Engine offers many advanced capabilities that makes it easy to launch large compute clusters. Also, this tool is known for its speed and consistency of performance that is sure to add value to your application.

Visual Studio

Cloud tools for Visual Studio is a powerful way to build .NET applications and to deploy them directly on Cloud Platform. It also gives you the choice to run or test your application locally, and also deploy them directly to the cloud, right from your Visual Studio.

With these tools and support, Google plans to reach out to users across different platforms.

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