Google Becomes Corporate Sponsor of OpenStack Foundation

Google has become the newest corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation and will provide engineering resources to the project, with their main focus on Linux containers and integrating container management technologies like Kubernetes with projects such as OpenStack Magnum. OpenStack is a free and open-source cloud-computing software platform. Users primarily deploy it as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). It is used to build infrastructure supporting VMs, bare metal and containers under a single control plane. Users may utilize OpenStack for a multitude of tasks, including the acceleration of software development and the simplification of managing legacy workloads. Google has already collaborated with the OpenStack community on a myriad of projects.


Craig McLuckie, Product Manager at Google, has said “We are excited about becoming active participants in the OpenStack community. We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned and hearing how OpenStack users are thinking about containers and other technologies to support cloud-native apps.” McLuckie will present on container management technologies at OpenStack Silicon Valley.

Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation, has also stated, “OpenStack is a platform that frees users to run proven technologies like VMs as well as new technologies like containers. With Google committing unequaled container and container management engineering expertise to our community, the deployment of containers via proven orchestration engines like Kubernetes will accelerate rapidly. OpenStack continues to set itself apart as the single open source cloud platform for the widest diversity of workloads, all supported by one environment with one control plane, one API, one dashboard”

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