GitHub Offers New Business Option

GitHub has now become accessible to clients who want to host their complete project on the cloud. Recently, this company ┬áhas released a plan called “business” package to give customers the same features as those available on GitHub com, by hosting their code on GitHub’s own servers.

According to the CEO of GitHub, Chris Wanstrath, this package is to give customers a choice to host their code online, and away from their servers. He opined that his clients want to host their code on the cloud because of the many benefits that come with, and GitHub is simply making this a reality.

This is a strategic move by the company, given that GitHub is the world’s most popular repository for storing programming code. It is estimated that currently more than 20 million developers spread across one million teams use GitHub for storing their code. Also, there are an estimated 52 million projects on GitHub, and almost 1,500 teams are joining daily. In fact, out of the 50 largest companies in the US, almost 22 use this service as their code repository.

These numbers show the enormous reach that GitHub has in the programming community, and now it wants to further monetize its popularity. Already, it has an Enterprise offering under which companies can host their team’s code in a private cloud. This service is available since 2012, and the cost is $21 per month. Many premium customers such as Walmart, Ford, IBM, John Deere, the government of United Kingdom and NASA use this service.

This “business” package is also priced at $21 per month, and with this, the company wants to establish itself as a software company, and not just as a startup anymore.

While these packages work well for large corporations, the company has other plans for small and medium businesses. A package called “Team” is ideal for small businesses, and it is priced at $9 per month. The most basic package is called “Developer”, and it is priced at $7 per month. This package is ideal for an individual user only.

With these pricing options, GitHub is confident that it’ll bring more customers into its fold. Already, the cloud is becoming a preferred option for individuals and companies to store their code because it is easy to manage. Also, the fact that all the code is stored in a remote location means greater data redundancy and better protection against natural calamities and disruptions. Since cloud ensures business continuity, more companies are preferring to switch to it.

In addition, storing your code in the cloud offers the highest level of mobility and flexibility for employees. They are no longer restricted to office devices or network, and can work pretty much from anywhere and from any device. Since the current generation want to strike the right balance between personal and work life, such an option can help in attracting the best of talent.


These different advantages are what GitHub wants to tap into it. With a promise of 99.99% uptime and attractive pricing, GitHub is sure to expand its reach.

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