Fuji Xerox Plans to Enter the Cloud Market

The cloud market is one of the most happening segments of the tech sector, and this is why everyone wants to take a share in its multi-billion dollar potential. The latest company to enter this market is Fuji Xerox –¬† world’s biggest supplier of office printers and document management systems.

According to its executive vice-president, Masataka Jo, this company plans to launch its cloud arm in mainland China soon, with an aim to focus on the higher end clients in the market. He made it clear that much of the focus will be on China this year, as it wants to create a sustainable business model in the world’s second largest economy. With this idea in mind, it wants to introduce its cloud products and services that will supplement its existing operations. These announcements come at a time when the Chinese market is facing slowing demand for goods and services due to a dampening of its economy, and these measures are hoped to invigorate Fuji’s position in China and to boost demand for its products.

In November of last year, the company introduced a new cloud service package called “Smart Work Gateway.” This cloud-based service will help businesses to make the most of diverse work styles – ¬†something that is becoming a growing demand considering the fact that different employees prefer varying work devices. This product creates a cloud ecosystem where multiple devices work, and where its own cloud products as well as that of its partners link organically. The best part is this ecosystem can be customized to meet the work environment expectations of different employees, that in turn, is sure to benefit the organization as a whole by way of increased productivity.

In addition, this gateway will collate pertinent information collected from different sources, analyze them, and will provide meaningful insights to clients to help them devise better business strategies and decisions. All this means, businesses get the added advantages of analytics besides the regular storage and maintenance.

This product, in many ways, supplements the existing products of the company. Unlike many traditional companies that plan to start cloud as a separate arm of business, Fuji wants to use cloud as a natural extension of its long cultivated technologies in language, image, and knowledge processing, to keep in tune with the changing times of the business environment, and also to add value to its clients. As a result, its clients will continue to use the same products of Fuji Xerox, but will also get more value in the form of business intelligence and better connectivity.

This product is currently available only in Japan and Hong Kong, but Fuji wants to extend it to China as well in the next few months. Over time, it plans to introduce it throughout its Asia Pacific markets.

This strategy clears brings out the need for traditional companies to embrace the cloud, and more importantly,  use the cloud ecosystem to add value to their clients. In many ways, it also reaffirms the fact that cloud is going to be one of the primary drivers of business growth in the coming years.

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