Fox Films Chooses Mandic Cloud

The Brazilian office of Fox Films has chosen a local cloud services provider called Mandic Cloud Solutions for providing cloud storage and backup services.

Fox Films Brazil was looking for a reliable service provider that would help with supporting the complete financial and operational structure of the company, and in the process improve its internal and external operations. Furthermore, Fox Films wanted a provider whose services can be used both by its affiliates and partners located within and outside of South America.

Mandic Cloud Solutions was the perfect partner for Fox Films, and both the companies entered into an agreement about a month ago. Over the last month, Mandic’s infrastructure was implemented, and it became operational within just a few weeks. Since the system was setup, Fox Films has seen enormous benefits.

According to its IT coordinator, Arlem Silva, there is a 70 percent improvement in stability and security. To top it, employees and partners find the system easy to use, so training was not a lengthy process. As an example, he says, that earlier it took 30 minutes to generate a report, and now, the same can be done in ten minutes. That’s the kind of time and resources that Fox Films can save with this new system.

In addition, Fox Films Brazil can now safely and quickly access all the information they want from Fox’s headquarters in London, and so can its partners. Fox Films Brazil can report all financial transactions to London as it happens, thanks to an agile and flexible system. This also means there’s greater transparency in its operations than before, and this is sure to improve the morale of the top brass, as well as all the stakeholders who’re interested in knowing the nitty-gritty details of operations.

Besides these advantages, Fox Films can now rest assured that its operations is on a safe and stable system. A salient feature of Mandic Cloud is its disaster recovery plan, that taps into human and computational resources to support a business in the best way possible. This translates to no downtimes, and a smooth backup system that will automatically kick in when the primary node fails. In fact, the transition will be so seamless that no one would see or feel any impact. Such a sound infrastructure is one of the reasons for Fox to choose Mandic.

If you’re wondering what Mandic Cloud Solutions is, let’s turn back a few years. It had established itself as Brazil’s main enterprise email service provider, but when the cloud wave began, it reinvented itself as a cloud services firm. The company’s website claims that it has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry. It was the first one to experiment email in the cloud, and claims much credit for revolutionizing Internet in the country. Such innovative approaches attracted foreign partners, with Riverwood Capital and Intel Capital being its important capital investors.

These developments are a positive sign for Brazil’s cloud business, as it can put homegrown cloud companies on the international map.

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