FireMon Acquires FortyCloud


FireMon, a leading provider of US Network Security Policy Management (NSPM), has acquired an Israel-based security company called FortyCloud, for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition is expected to boost the cloud management capabilities of FireMon, as it looks to expand its customer base.

FortyCloud is based in Hod Hasharon, Israel, and it was founded by Amit Cohen, Amir Naftali, and Noam Singer. They are the present CEO, CTO, and Chief Architect of the company respectively. This company specializes in providing secure connectivity across multiple cloud environments, offers identity access management, two-factor authentication for remote cloud access, and abstraction of cloud platforms to ensure that it is easy to comply with the existing regulations. ┬áIt’s a small company with ten employees, and all these employees have joined FireMon when the deal was closed earlier this month.

FireMon, on the other hand, is based in Overland Park, Kansas. It was founded in 2004 with an aim to help organizations identify and correct the infrastructural and security gaps in cloud architecture.

This acquisition comes within a year of FireMon launching its first cloud infrastructure security offering, thereby signaling the impressive growth that it has seen over the last year. With this acquisition, FireMon can effectively secure cloud infrastructure and connectivity, that in turn, will make it easier for enterprise clients to move their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Currently, security is one of the major concerns of many enterprise, and this is also what is preventing them from moving completely to the cloud. When the underlying infrastructure and connectivity are strengthened, it’s only natural that more companies will move to the cloud. In this sense, this acquisition is likely to boost the client-base of FireMon.

After this acquisition, FireMon will offer support for:

  • Management capabilities of native cloud
  • Automated security mapping
  • Cloud discovery
  • Object abstraction across on-premise security infrastructure and multiple cloud environments
  • Security enforcement across multiple cloud platforms

Besides this addition, FireMon has added more capabilities that’ll allow it to automate its cloud security, encryption, and policy enforcement. In turn, this’ll provide secure connectivity across different cloud providers, and also between an organization’s data center and public cloud infrastructure. All these additions are a part of FireMon’s strategy to help companies better manage their cloud infrastructure.

A report by Gartner shows that by 2020, 95% of cloud security issues will be due to the organization, and not the cloud provider. Addressing these inadequacies in an organization is easier said than done because today’s networked environment is complex, and involves a variety of technologies both on-premise and in the cloud. Such a complex situation requires a clear strategy as well as a set of security tools, and this is exactly where FireMon fits in.

Going forward, FireMon’s acquisition is expected to benefits its customers in a big way, by enhancing security in their connectivity and communication. Such partnerships augur well not only for the companies involved, but also for enterprises that depend on the cloud, as well as the cloud market at large.

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