Environment Data Cloud – An Innovative Cloud Application

Cloud can be used for many innovative applications that extend beyond the business world. Though it is used extensively for businesses now, its use across other sectors, especially social and environmental sectors, are also being explored actively. One such innovative application is the Environment Data Cloud.

As the name suggests, Environment Data Cloud helps to understand the environment and hopefully, make more accurate predictions. It consists of four services platforms and an integration platform, all of which come together to provide better insights into environmental data. The aim of this application is to integrate all data related to the environment across different government units, to make it easier to share data between the many government departments and agencies. In addition, this data will be made available to private companies to help them make meaningful analysis and inferences.

An integral part of Environment Data Cloud is its database called ERDB, that stores tons of historical information about the environment. Such information can be a boon to researchers to identify patterns, and make the right connections to improve weather prediction.

This application is already functional as it has integrated more than 6,000 data sets from different government units. It has also released around 960 data sets as open data to private companies including the weather app of ASUS, and based on this information, more than 40 value-added cases have been reported.

One of the most important result of this app is the platform it has offered for social interaction. Known as i-Environment web portal, this platform helps citizens to get the information they want easily, and has also encouraged more citizens to become aware of their environment. With such information, it won’t be long before local communities get together to preserve their immediate environment. This participation and awareness is critical, as we’re already reeling under the effects of climate change and its many consequences.

This project, in many ways, brings out the power of cloud applications and its ability to have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the business world. The social applications of cloud are enormous, and this is just the beginning of it all. More companies around the world are working on similar applications that’ll help people to truly enjoy the benefits of technological advancements.

Due to the positive impact and potential of Environment Data Cloud,  the Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan has given away an award called “Cloud Computing and IoT Innovation Award 2016.” This award recognizes companies and government agencies that are coming up with innovative applications of the cloud. In general, this award is divided into two categories – one for innovation from private companies and the other for innovation from government agencies. Environment Data Cloud won the award in the government category.

Such awards are sure to encourage more companies to come up with social and environmental applications of the cloud, so that it benefits every section of the society, and augurs well for the future of humankind. Going forward, it’s hoped that more such applications will be developed for the larger good of the society.

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