Elastica Partners with Telstra to Expand into Australian Cloud Security Market

Recently, cloud security firm Elastica has partnered with Cisco and Telstra to expand into the New Zealand-Australia region in response to the growing threat of “Shadow IT” that has stemmed from increased cloud use.

Elastica’s APAC managing director John Cunningham describes that problems may arise from the struggle to monitor activities of the many apps operating on their network as well as the data that is left unmonitored in the system. This may pose a threat to the system. Elastica is a company whose aim is to secure the cloud.




Because of Australia’s demand for cloud based solutions, it is the perfect market for companies like Elastica, for when cloud networks are needed, cloud security is necessary as well.  Cunningham describes, “Typically with technology, it starts in the US and then it would expand globally, maybe to Japan, maybe to Europe, and then Australia. But this time, it’s a little bit different. Cloud is going out simultaneously around the world, so our investment in Australia is going to be there to support that rapid adoption of cloud applications within Australia.” He then pronounces the importance of cloud security, “For every use of a cloud application, there are millions of events being generated … that becomes a data science problem. As humans, and with the scale of activities happening on cloud application, data science is required to help organizations get visibility of what is important.”

Telstra director of security practice John Ieraci said that Telstra was very impressed by Elasticas ability to handle issues that came from ‘Shadow IT.” “When Elastica appeared in mid-2014, we were impressed with the ability to monitor, track, and block sensitive data in real time and quickly identify shadow IT and shadow data for cloud applications, both SaaS and IaaS, using a data science approach and with zero deployment.”


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