Deloitte Acquires Day 1 Solutions

Deloitte announced on Monday that it has acquired all the assets of a cloud consulting company called Day 1 Solutions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Day 1 Solutions is a consulting firm based in McLean, Virginia. This company specializes in providing consulting services to government and commercial organizations that are looking to migrate some or all of their operations to the cloud. Specifically, it consults in the areas of systems integration, managed services and AWS products. In fact, Day 1 Solutions is a certified AWS partner and its customer base extends across a range of different sectors in both the governmental and commercial sphere.

With this acquisition, Deloitte has further strengthened itself as a cloud consulting provider. Since 2015, this company wants to establish itself as a leading provider of cloud consulting services as it believes that the cloud ecosystem is the backbone of innovation. The company strongly believes that a good cloud system can help a business to reach new heights, and it wants to provide the right suggestions that can help its clients achieve this pinnacle of success.

By adding these companies like Day 1 Solutions, Deloitte is getting closer to achieving its objectives in the world of cloud consulting. The knowledge and expertise of Day 1 Solutions can go a long way in helping Deloitte to provide a much deeper cloud expertise in a fast-moving digital environment.

In addition to expertise and capabilities, this acquisition also brings a GSA Schedule 70 contracting positions on many government organizations like NASA, Air Force’s Netcents 2 and Army’s Information technology Services. This contract can give Deloitte a better foothold into the government cloud consulting market – an area that it has been looking to capture over the last couple of years.

To make the most of this acquisition and also to expand its own offering, Deloitte is planning to hire 3,000 new engineers who’ll focus on providing cloud technology integration services in the areas of analytics and cognitive offerings. Most of these engineers will work out of its new centers in the cities of Washington DC, Orlando and New York City. The three new studios will come up to facilitate interaction between its employees and customers, and will also facilitate new cloud tool development. With these three new data centers, the total number of Deloitte digital studios will be 44.

This acquisition, once again, is expected to give immense benefits to everyone involved. Of course, the major beneficiary is Deloitte, as it gets a prime government contract for providing cloud consulting services, in addition to the expertise, customer base and experience of Day 1 Solutions.

As for Day 1 Solutions, this was the expected result as most smaller companies end up being acquired by larger companies for a substantial amount, though in this case, the exact financial details are not known.

For the cloud market and its many players, this acquisition represents one more step towards a unified cloud system. It also means a more streamlined and probably, even a better cloud consulting service.

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