Cohesity Launches DataPlatform CE for AWS and Azure

Cohesity has recently launched a cloud extension of its existing product, and is called DataPlatform Cloud Edition, that can run on both Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure. This California-based startup company specializes in providing hyperconverged secondary storage for its clients located around the world.

This announcement is good news for companies that are dependent on cloud for their services, as well as the cloud market as a whole. Currently, the storage market is highly fragmented, so it is almost impossible for companies to have a seamless data portability from their on-premise location to the cloud. In most cases, it requires special software or gateways to move data to the cloud, not to mention the data format conversions that come with it. In fact, this entire process of migrating data to the cloud becomes cumbersome, and can lead to a lot of frustrations for companies that are looking to leverage the power of cloud.

To overcome this problem, Cohesity came up with an idea to provide native replication for all data, so it makes it easy to move from DataPlatform deployments located on-premises to DataPlatform CE deployments located on the cloud. The CloudReplicate feature of Cohesity’s product ensures that replications happen instantly from on-premises to remote cloud locations. In addition, the seamless integration with both AWS and Azure makes it convenient for companies to tap into the scalability and reduced cost that come with cloud computing and storage. Due to these options, more companies are expected to move their operations to cloud, thereby auguring well for not just Cohesity, but for the cloud market as a whole.

Another advantage of Cohesity’s DataPlatform Cloud Edition is that it consolidates backup, archive, and DevOps workloads into an efficient and scalable architecture that can run completely on the cloud. Also, customers can make the most of the existing Hadoop-based analytics resources available in DataPlatform Cloud Edition.

Further, this product makes transition between private and public cloud a lot easier, as it handles all bottlenecks including conversion of data between different formats. Since many companies prefer to use a hybrid environment for their data and applications, Cohesity’s DataPlatform can turn out to be a sought-after product in the near future. What’s more – it can be licensed through public cloud service providers like AWS and Azure too.

This edition is currently in preview mode, and can be accessed through an early access program. A complete version is expected to be rolled out during the first half of 2017.

Cohesity was founded in 2013 by Mohit Aron, who is also credited with co-founding another cloud company called Nutanix. With about 108 employees, and $70 million in venture funding from companies like Google Ventures and Sequoia Capital, this company has made rapid strides over the last three and a half years. Its first product, a web platform to consolidate and manage secondary storage and all its associated workflows, was launched in July 2015. Its flagship products are DataPlatform, that was launched in October 2015, and the recently announced DataPlatform Cloud Editions.

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