CloudCherry Teams With Salesforce

CloudCherry, a provider of customer service experience software, has integrated itself with the service cloud and marketing cloud of Salesforce, in order to gather more insights into the customer behavior of its clients.

CloudCherry currently provides 17 unique channels for its clients to gather data from customers in real-time. Its software ensures that the data that’s collected is relevant and contextual, so in this sense, it filters out all the noise and unwanted information. The feedback collected from these channels is then routed towards customer center operations of the client company.

With this new integration with Salesforce Cloud, CloudCherry is in a better position to handle customer issues and even drive up the overall customer satisfaction levels. Salesforce’s CRM platform, in general, helps companies to learn more about their customers. It answers questions like who your customers are, what they do, how much do they spend on your products, and more. Putting both these platforms together, companies can glean a ton of information about their customers, that in turn, can help them to make better decisions with regard to their products as well as their customers.

For example, let’s say a dissatisfied customer calls the company’s contact center. If this call is routed to a regular customer support executive, his issue may or may not get resolved early. In turn, this can increase his frustration, especially if the problem is not resolved.

To avoid such a situation, CloudCherry can route the calls of such dissatisfied customers to a team of customer support agents who are specialized in handling such high priority calls from dissatisfied customers. The chances for this team to resolve the issue is fairly high. In turn, the customer can change his impression about the company.

Overall, you can change a customer’s negative experience into a positive one with the right customer support. And that’s exactly what CloudCherry and Salesforce can do for you.

In addition to customer support, the coming together of both these companies can help clients with marketing too. Currently, mass marketing campaigns are sent to all the customers on the database. Unfortunately, this leads to a low conversion rate.

On the other hand, if you can send a marketing campaign to a specific set of targeted users who you know will try to make the most of it, then you’re conversion rate is high. However, to know which customers are right for a specific marketing campaign, you need the software of both these companies.

In all, this integration is sure to augur well not just for CloudCherry and Salesforce, but also for the customers at large as they can better use the data to create better upselling opportunities and to improve the way the customer support team handles customers.

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