Cloud tools for Business Tasks

When it comes to running a businesses, it’s the small things that take up a ton of your time and effort. On another side, we’ve heard so much about the cloud and the benefits it offers in the form of saving time, money and effort, not to mention the reduced hassles of managing technology. Can we combine these two to use cloud tools for everyday tasks?


Let’s look at a few tasks that we can do with cloud tools.


One of the most painful tasks is to get an appointment with someone. This pain multiplies with the number of appointments you have to make for your business.

Let’s say, you want to get a sales appointment with the executives of a handful of companies to showcase your products to them. Imagine how much time you’ll spend to get an appointment with each of them. Cloud can ease this task for you.

ScheduleOnce, Appointy, TimeTrade, Calendly and SetMore are examples of such cloud tools that get appointments and manage them for you in a jiffy. They even integrate this with your calendar, so you can always stay on top of your appointments.

Customer Service

There is a staggering amount of cloud tools available in the area of customer service. Part of the reason for this proliferation is the fact that customer service is an integral part of every business, and also a time-consuming one.

In addition, every call and interaction you make with customers have to be tracked for analytics as well. This can require much effort, and one way to take some load off your shoulders, is to use a cloud-based CRM service. There are different tools with extensive customization options, so you can choose the one that best fits your business needs.


Reports show that many companies prefer to hire freelancers to save on overheads. For this, you can make the most of cloud solutions like Upwork and Fiverr as they gave you access to freelancers worldwide.

There are cloud tools that can also ease the process of selecting and hiring full-time employees. These tools help you to connect with the right candidates to reach the best fit among thousands of people who’re looking for work. In this sense, cloud tools can be a blessing when it comes to hiring full-time employees and freelancer.

Payroll processing

Another complex task of any business is payroll processing. Paying your employees and freelancers, keeping track of the hours they worked and paying them is anything but simple. In addition, you have to manage meticulous records for the purposes of taxation and analytics, and this can take a substantial amount of your available resources.

To help you perform such a complex task, there are many cloud tools like QuickBooks, Payroll Mate and Payroll by Wave. Each of these tools can automate the entire payroll process, save records for tax and can even run analytics for you to give you an idea of how much your spend.

We hope this list helps to save some time and effort for you. Do let us know if you know more such tools.

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