Cloud Robotics Demystified

The next big technological jump that we’re going to use over the next few years is automation powered by cloud computing. Also called cloud robotics, this is an emerging field that taps into the benefits of cloud computing, cloud storage, shared resources and converged infrastructure.

As the name suggests, it’s the create of robots that will automate existing tasks to help companies leverage the power of machines and technology.

There are many advantages that come with cloud robotics and this is what makes it so exciting for tech enthusiasts. First off, it makes the most of existing technologies like powerful computational systems and infrastructure, so it doesn’t require new infrastructure right away. This factor alone greatly reduces the capital expenses of companies and can even enthuse them to go for it much earlier.

Second, these systems require little to no maintenance, so there’s more hassle for companies. They no longer need large IT support teams as the maintenance and overhead work is minimal. In turn, this can save a lot of money and resources for the company.

Thirdly, the dependence on custom middleware is greatly reduced as most of the systems are independent by themselves and can be programmed to offer the maximum efficiency with existing resources. In addition, these cloud robots can be customized in any way, so companies can get what they want with the available infrastructure.

Fourthly, the cost comes down greatly, again because cloud robots don’t need elaborate infrastructure at the outset. Also, companies can save money by way of reduced staff and lower overhead expenses. Over time, this can lead to substantial savings for companies.

The above reasons clearly show why cloud robotics is the next evolution of IT and why companies would readily adopt them.

Now that we know why companies would adopt them, let’s look at some situations where it can possible be used.

For starters, we have the autonomous car project from Google, that’s powered by cloud robotics. In fact, James Kuffner, who worked at Google and currently heads the Toyota AI team, coined the word “cloud robotics” in 2010. This term was used as an umbrella for all systems that combine sensing, memory and computation to eliminate the need for human presence and work.

Besides the autonomous car project, there are many other industries, especially in the traditional sectors like manufacturing that are looking to use more cloud robotics for their operations. Also, the IT industry wants to automate many of its process, so this is another sector that could start adopting robotics at the earliest.

Many of these sectors plan to combine the power of both cloud and human computing to get the best possible results. In this sense, you can’t expect to see a company that’s devoid of employees because there are still some aspects like emotion that only humans can display at this point in time.

Overall, cloud robotics is an exciting field that is sure to bring enormous benefits to the society as a whole.

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