Cloud Predictions for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the good and bad things that have happened over the last year, learn from it, and get set to welcome the new year on a positive note. Over the last year, cloud industry has seen many positive developments that are likely to extend into 2017 as well, and there are some new developments that are expected to take place in the upcoming year. Here are a few cloud predictions for 2017.

Explosive growth

It’s no-brainer to predict that 2017 will see rapid growth in the cloud industry. Already, many companies understand the benefits that come from switching to cloud, so they’ve already moved their operations to it, or are in the process of doing so. In addition, emergence of technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning are likely to fuel the growth of cloud industry.

More acquisitions

2016 saw a ton of new startup companies in the cloud sector, that offered unique cloud-based products and services for end clients. We can expect many of these small companies to be acquired by the large cloud-providers, to keep pace with the business pressures and competition in this industry. In this sense, 2017 maybe a bounty year for many startups, as they can get a good deal in the acquisition, provided they have a unique product that adds value to clients.

Focus on management

Since companies are moving more operations and processes to the cloud, management of these processes would be a central aspect in 2017. Due to the growing nature of operations, it may no longer be possible to manage operations through manual processes, so they’ll have to look for automation tools. This means, it’s going to be double digit growth for companies that are involved in creating management consoles and tools.

Talent and employment

There is a big gap that exists between the demand and supply for cloud-related skills, and this gap is expected to further widen in 2017. Cloud companies are sure to expand their operations as more clients are considering the idea of moving to the cloud. This growth will generate a greater need for cloud talent, that is unfortunately falling quite short already. On a positive note, this trend can generate more jobs and job-related choices for those who are interested in learning the skills needed for this industry.

More breaches

As unfortunate as this may sound, we’re going to see more data breaches in 2017. The good news, however is that analysts predict most of this will happen over traditional systems, as cloud security has become stronger and more resilient over the last year. In fact, cloud systems may be the hardest to break since it has many layers of proactive monitoring and sophisticated security. Traditional systems don’t enjoy these advantages, so they’re more prone to attacks.

In short, 2017 is going to be a fun and exciting year for the cloud industry, and the benefits are expected to spill over to other industries, businesses, and economy at large. On this positive note, let’s welcome the new year.

Happy new Year!

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