How does Cloud Impact the Job Market?

Gone are the days when people used to work in an office from 9 AM to 5 PM before heading back home. Today, it’s a connected world where you can work at anytime and from any place of your choice. Much of this job convenience can be attributed to rapid advancements in the world of connectivity, and the emergence of cloud as a platform to bring workers together.

In general, if you need a computer to do your work, then you can do it from anywhere. Obviously, more people are taking to this idea of remote working because it gives them the choice to balance different aspects of their life. It also reduces the need for people to take breaks from work. For example, a young mom can continue working from home while caring for her infant, and this means, she can continue to focus on her career without having to give up her priorities at home. Such conveniences go a long way in bringing more people into the economic world, thereby generating greater wealth for individuals, companies, and economies at large. In addition, they are also not restricted to any specific geographical area to find their dream job. Rather, the entire world is their option.

For companies too, this is a convenient option, as they can cut back on overheads. They no longer need huge plush offices with air-conditioning all through the day and night. This is sure to bring down their operating expenses substantially. Further, they are also not restricted when it comes to hiring talented people. They can choose to hire anyone located in any part of the world, so in this sense, they can always have the best of talent.

Due to such conveniences for both employers and employees, more people are looking at this option. In fact, it is estimated that more than three million Americans already work on cloud-based platforms like Upwork, CrowdFlower, and Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s not going to be long before more people take this route. A report by London Business School shows that more than one-third of the workforce would be working remotely by 2020!

Much of this idea of remote working has been possible because of the cloud. Since this technology allows users to store and access their files on virtual servers, rather than on a particular computer’s hard drive, they can access it on any device and from any location of their choice. Further, many of the applications they use are located in cloud servers, and this also gives them flexibility to access these apps from anywhere. Many cloud tools like SugarSync allow real-time collaboration, and this means, workers from different parts of the world can work on a document at the same time.

As cloud becomes more sophisticated, more jobs are likely to be remotely doable. If you’re already working in the fields of data entry, programming, content creation, design, and customer service, you’re likely to be working remote. Soon, teachers, lawyers, psychologists, counselors, researchers, nurses, paralegals and others too will join the bandwagon.

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