CDW’s New Cloud Offering

CDW Corporation, a leading provider of technology products and services for businesses, has come up with a new cloud offering called Cloud Planning Services. As the name suggests, this service would revolve around providing the right inputs, and helping companies to devise an appropriate cloud strategy.

This is a comprehensive service that teaches businesses what cloud is, and the benefits that come from it. Further, experts in Cloud Planning Services would work with each business to create a cloud strategy that would work best for them.

To this end, there are four workshops offered under this service, and the intensity ranges from a one-day seminar on cloud basics to a seven-week workshop that takes participants into the very depths of cloud computing, storage, and security. Also, participants have the opportunity to work on customized projects that are based on the needs of every institution. These workshop options include:

  • Cloud 101 – This is a one-day workshop that talks about the latest trends and developments in cloud. It is aimed to help organizations understand the power of cloud, and the ways and means by which they can move their operations to it.
  • Cloud 201 – This is a one-week workshop that takes a detailed look into the customer’s IT environment and their business needs. Accordingly, business cases are constructed to support a cloud strategy. In this workshop, a high-level roadmap for cloud is formulated based on the current state of cloud operations and business environment.
  • Cloud 202 – This three-week workshop includes Cloud 201, as well as other aspects such as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and tips to select a particular cloud vendor whose services would match the company’s requirements. An overview of cloud security and compliance details are also covered in this workshop.
  • Cloud 301- This is a comprehensive seven-week process that encompasses all of the above discussions, and in addition, talks about the financial and non-financial considerations of adopting a particular cloud strategy.  During these seven weeks, companies also get to learn about different IT delivery models, including an assessment of their current data center costs. Finally, cloud experts at CDW will work with the companies to formulate the best cloud strategy.

Besides these comprehensive courses, CDW’s Cloud Planning Services also works with businesses to provide a complete cloud life-cycle visibility, cost of infrastructure, Infrastructure-as-a-service details, pre and post-migration testing, and IaaS validations.

This new service is the perfect complement for CDW’s existing cloud services that include security and collaboration apps offered as SaaS, and a wide mix of infrastructure offered as IaaS.

An important aspect of this planning service is that all advice and suggestions are vendor-neutral, thereby giving companies a ton of flexibility to choose their preferred providers. In this sense, CDW’s Cloud Planning Services explains cloud and all its aspects, without pushing their own products to its customers.

Such an offering can be a win-win situation, as it helps the company to expand its customer base, and generate a new revenue stream. For the end customers, it is pure and authentic information on cloud strategies.

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