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CapLinked provides enterprises and finance professionals with a platform to securely manage confidential projects and transactions in the cloud.

However, CapLinked is much more than a deal management software provider. CapLinked is the premier provider for secure enterprise information exchange.

Executives, finance professionals, and legal professionals know that managing complex business processes and transactions involving third parties requires an easy-to-use set of tools that are flexible, yet secure. CapLinked appeals to forward-thinking business leaders that want to get work done efficiently with their intuitive and highly secure platform.

And investors are taking notice.

World class investors, such as Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, David Sacks, CEO of Yammer, and Western Technology Investment are among the financial backers of CapLinked. The support of these esteemed investors and industry experts has provided a solid foundation for success.


CapLinked’s success is built on more than qualified investors. CapLinked works with some of the best companies in the world to keep their business information secure.

From the CFO of a prominent law firm:
“We deployed CapLinked to support our lender and shareholder reporting after we sold our firm in 2013. It has been very helpful to us and enabled paperless reporting, lender audits, and more. We saved more in report production and distribution costs than the service cost us.”

Or a senior associate at a financial firm:
“CapLinked delivers the goods. CapLinked’s elegantly simple yet robust modern technology eliminates the roadblocks and headaches I’ve experienced with competing platforms of yesteryear.”

CapLinked provides business of all sizes with the ability to secure their documents to ensure seamless secure document distribution and review at a competitive price.

Caplinked Overview

Broadly speaking, CapLinked competes with cloud offerings that store business documents and information in the cloud. One specific vertical where CapLinked  primarily competes is in the virtual data room (“VDR”) industry.


The CapLinked difference boils down to a few dynamic factors.

  • No plug-ins such as Flash, Java, Silverlight, or .NET
  • World-class document protection and permissions
  • Modern & Mobile Interface
  • Industry Leading Security Credentials
  • Clear Pricing Models
  • Continuous 24/7 Support
  • Initial Data Migration & Employee Training
  • Customizable Reporting

Data privacy is a huge factor that executives must consider when choosing how to host and store vital business information. Many software providers in the VDR space rely on plug-ins or third-party software such as Flash, Java, Silverlight or .NET to patch and integrate into their overall offering.

CapLinked is different.

The CapLinked VDR solution is built on modern programming languages designed for the web. Because the CapLinked software is built on Ruby on Rails and modern JavaScript frameworks, no plug-ins are required, and the capabilities are consistent across all all browsers, operating systems, and devices.

CapLinked does not require in-house IT departments to patch mobile devices or restrict access to certain employee devices. Not all VDR vendors comply with employee bring your own device (“BYOD”) policies.

As CapLinked’s website proclaims, your data belongs in a vault.

And business leaders agree. CapLinked protects business information with its proprietary technology, FileProtect, to secure Office and PDF files with plug-in-free Digital Rights Management (DRM). FileProtect grants administrators the ability to revoke access to files even after they’ve been downloaded.

Documents produced in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office can work with FileProtect. With FileProtect, these files remain protected because reviewers who download the document must login with secure credentials in order to open and view the file.


FileProtect goes further than simply requiring credentials. After all, secure passwords are stolen everyday.

  • Remotely Revoke Access: the FileProtect technology creates a virtual paper shredder by revoking access to anyone in a particular permissions group that has downloaded any file.
  • Prevent Data Leaks: leverage permissions, terminate individual access or apply watermarks with FileProtect.
  • Collaborate with Confidence: business files must be shared to move forward and FileProtect provides bank-grade encryption (matched with intuitive controls) when sharing with third parties.

In general, CapLinked provides a one-stop shop to edit, review and manage documents. The full web-based software solution mitigates the need to download sensitive documents in the first place.

Within a CapLinked workspace, approved parties can edit, comment and revise all documents from any browser or device.

The system automatically creates a new version to ensure proper version control is achieved through audit trails and tracking. All workspace participants work off the most recent version – all the time. The system provides redundancies by retaining previous versions and tracks who changed what and when.

CapLinked lets professionals manage their documents with ease because the software improves workflow by tracking when files are downloaded and opened, including the tracking of third parties’ actions in the workspace.

CapLinked is a versatile VDR software solution that truly helps managers accomplish their objectives. Through a sensible, simple and transparent pricing structure matched with industry leading security and easy to use intuitive interface, CapLinked is a premier option for all businesses.

How to Select an Enterprise SaaS Vendor for Your Business Data?

At the end of the day, founders and business executives need to determine how a software solution can meet their needs.

There are many variables that go into the decision making process. Business leaders need to evaluate the multiple VDR companies on the market.

But how does an executive decide what is best for their company?

Larry Steele, the Technical Vice President of SaaS Savvis, points to the underlying infrastructure as a key point of differentiation.

  • How do you test and how often do you test your disaster recovery process?
  • Is the software compliant with industry-standard certifications such as SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II?
  • How flexible is the technology?

Executives will typically rely on the IT Department to help with the evaluation because they have more expertise.

To make the best decision, the managers should create a list of business objectives when discussing the evaluation with their IT staff. Take a deep dive at the UI navigation, responsiveness of the program and open a dialogue with the customer support team.

In addition, set up a hands-on demo of the solution that includes the day-to-day individuals that will use the solution.

The experts agree that companies should “look before they leap” during the evaluation process.

“One of the main benefits of a SaaS solution is that you can give it a fair trial with minimal commitment, since you can simply plug and play using an internet connection, which is not the case with on-premise software, where you have to depend on product demonstrations.”

In the fluid technology environment, then there is no reason that software providers should not allow a free trial to kick the tires. During the trial, key IT decision makers should review the following to ensure the solution easily integrates with existing business operations.

  • Determine the data host credentials meet your demands.
  • Confirm the security protocols and data encryption meets industry standards.
  • Ensure credentials and permission access aligns with company processes.
  • Review audit trail capabilities.
  • Test complete integration with additional software solutions (like your CRM tool).
  • Properly test customization with current workflow.
  • Perform cross platform compatibility.
  • Conduct extensive test for mobile usage.
  • Call customer service desk to understand response time and overall knowledge.

Most importantly, the relationship with your SaaS vendor is an ongoing one. It should not be viewed as a one-time purchase, so consider how the overall relationship fits within your goals.

How does CapLinked Stack Up Against the Competition?

There are many VDR vendors that offer various solutions.

For example, Box, which is a large player in the field and one of the most notable software companies, focuses on mobile access and integration with third parties, but lacks in syncing across those devices.

“They need to do a significant amount of work to improve the syncing – we sometime find that files have not been synced between various users (this tends to be Windows users more than Mac Users) and this gives me significant cause for concern.”

In a similar fashion, another competitor, IntraLinks, has similar benefits, but provides limited automation for adding employee access. If a company has a fluid movement of employee responsibilities, then the lack of automation can become cumbersome.

As noted, proper workflow, is an important value add for proper document review and collaboration.

“And while collaboration services provided firms with cloud-based file storage, they aren’t optimized for the security and workflow needs of sharing sensitive information between multiple companies. CapLinked stepped into the void and has grown rapidly as a result.”

Customer reviews frequently note that finding a solution that meets their needs can be difficult. Firms that take a one-size fits all approach may not provide the flexibility to meet your individual business needs. Often, small and mid-size companies, have limited options because software providers do not provide customization and flexibility to meet their needs.

For Firmex, analysis finds that the software is a “one-size-fits-all approach, which may be restrictive or overcomplicated at either end of the spectrum.”

Basically, when evaluating the competition, leaders need to understand software versatility and how customization (or the lack thereof) limits the potential.

For example, we showed that iDeals suffer from lack of differentiation compared to their peers.

In a competitive market, then many companies may point towards prices in order to select the right vendor. There are various price points, and CapLinked offers customer-centric pricing, may that be pricing by user, gigabyte, or page count. CapLinked’s rates are among the lowest in the industry, particularly when dealing in large volumes of data.

Ultimately, executives realize that prices point towards value. Higher prices with additional services are valuable compared to low or average prices matched with normal services.

Normal services, or business practices, include 24/7 support, so if this is not provided, then that may be a red flag. Other standard services include remote access, but not necessarily tracking capabilities.

For example, V-Rooms, provides standard services, but lacks advanced audit trail functionality, while pricing starts at $99/month. Also, V-Rooms limits potential customers to a 7 day free trial, which may not provide sufficient time to conduct proper due diligence.

Another example is SecureDocs, which provides the standard (and expected) UI matched with high access. However, SecureDocs, limits training and/or orientation, while starting at $200 per month. For small businesses, the entry-level price point might be difficult to fit into the budget.

At the of the day, selecting the right enterprise SaaS solution to host important business documents is vital to a company’s core strategy. Firms need to remain nimble and adapt to the dynamic demands of their customers and need a VDR provider that can handle those demands.

CapLinked provides businesses with flexibility and security that improves document workflow. CapLinked is truly an innovator in their industry.

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