Can Oracle Beat AWS?

The cloud war is heating up with the entry of another tech giant, Oracle, in the cloud industry. For some time, Oracle has been planning the transition to cloud and it has finally succeeded in years of strategy and effort. So, it’s time for the other three giants, namely Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, to up their stakes.

While some may regard Oracle as a relatively new entrant to the cloud world, Larry Ellison, the CTO and co-founder of Oracle, doesn’t think so. In a keynote address at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, he took a few digs at AWS and said that Oracle could beat AWS.

Why did he say that and is there any truth in his statement?

One area that Oracle has massive experience when compared to AWS and other cloud companies is in running mission critical applications. In fact, if you look back at Oracle’s past work, it has been running many complex applications that are very critical for the businesses that use it. This experience is where Oracle scores over other cloud companies, as it can be helpful in running critical applications in the cloud.

Besides this experience, Oracle is embarking on an aggressive price strategy to woo customers to its own products. Also, the guaranteed high performance in Oracle’s cloud platform, something that comes from the strong infrastructure it has developed over the years, ia another aspect that should worry the top three cloud computing giants.

Another fact is that there is so much of untapped potential in the enterprise infrastructure market that there is an opportunity for any company with the right products to thrive in it. One possible advantage for Oracle is that it entered late, but it has learned from the mistakes of other companies, so the chances for it to use the right strategy is high. Considering that more than eighty percent of companies haven’t moved their infrastructure to the cloud, there’s plenty of opportunities for everyone, including Oracle.

Let’s see how all of this plays out for Oracle. Can it really beat the king of cloud computing, AWS? Yes, provided it plays its cards well and makes the most of the advantages it has.


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