Is artificial intelligence an apocalypse or just noise?

Open any tech site and you’ll have at least a dozen articles that talk about artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, it’s the next big wave of technology that could alter the way we live, just like how Internet, social media and smartphones changed lives for us.

But this time though, it’s not just the positive thoughts and impact that’s being discussed. In fact, no piece on AI is complete without the user having to read through the negative impact of it. To top it, there are hundreds of discussions and interviews about how artificial intelligence could destroy human jobs, cause unemployment and maybe even wipe us off the planet. It’s touted as machines that can take over the human race, just like what happened in the Matrix series.

But is this reality? Will artificial intelligence really harm us so much?

Well, if you’re a pragmatist who goes by facts, the answer is a big no. Artificial intelligence is not a apocalypse that can control us or even worse, wipe us off the planet simply because it is something we’ve created and we always have the power to destroy it.

To top it, machines can never show complex emotions like empathy, decisiveness based on emotions, love, anger, stress and more. All this means, they will remain only as machines and can never replace humans as the next race to rule earth.

So, going back to our question – is artificial intelligence an apocalypse or just noise? Well, it’s definitely not an apocalypse, but it’s a lot more than just noise.

There’s some concrete and good work happening in this field and that could possibly wipe out some jobs, especially in the manufacturing and travel industry. We’ll have to view AI more as a technology like Internet, rather than one that can potentially harm us. If you look back, every major invention did bring about a shift in the nature of jobs, and AI will also be one such technology. But that’s where it ends.

We have to adapt to new jobs and a new work environment, like we’ve always done in the past. That’s it because artificial intelligence is not anywhere close to the capabilities of the human brain. In fact, John Giannandrea from Google says that AI machines are worse off than the four-year olds in terms of what they can do and understand.

But, will it get better? Yes, hopefully we’ll have AI systems that have the brains of a mature adult, minus the teenage ramblings. But by when, humans would have evolved to become more intelligent and capable to handle these machines.

To answer our question, artificial intelligence is nowhere near an apocalypse, but definitely a lot of people are generating noise around it. In reality though, the developments are concrete and happening, so it’s not just talks about intelligent systems.

So, don’t worry. Just sit back and embrace this wave as it comes.

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Lavanya Rathnam is a professional writer of tech and financial blogs. Creative thinker, out of the boxer, content builder and tenacious researcher who specializes in explaining complex ideas to different audiences.
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