AliCloud and NVIDIA to Invest $1 Billion

AliCloud, the public cloud computing sector of Alibaba, has recently joined with NVIDIA to invest a billion dollars in cloud computing research and development. AliCloud claims that it will hire up to 1,000 data developers over the course of the next three years in order to compete with cloud giant Amazon Web Services and develop its big data analytics program. The investments will assist AliCloud’s data analysis implementations. AliCloud has recently commented in a statement: “These products and services cover all aspects of the so-called data development chain, including processing, analysis, computing engine, machine learning and data application.” This investment is made in the hopes that the demand for storage and processing from organizations and agencies will increase in the following years.

The big data platform will allow complex information to be analyzed with increased efficiency. s. Simon Hu, AliCloud’s president claimed that “The Big Data Platform fulfills our vision of sharing our vast data troves that will create immense value to our users. AliCloud’s rate of growth is one of the fastest among global peers.”

NVIDIA will help Alibaba transform its AliCloud sector, allowing the cloud to provide learning capabilities for businesses. It is also rumored that NVIDIA will help AliCloud with it quantum cloud computing research. Because this quantum computing is just beginning to emerge, Alibaba may be planning to become one of the first providers of this advanced form of computing. Alibaba has already co-founded a quantum computing lab with the Chinese Academy of Sciences; so, Alibaba may become the first provider of quantum computing as a service and establish its dominance in the cloud computing industry.

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