Adobe Announces New Productivity Applications: Document Cloud and Acrobat DC

Recently, Adobe announced an overhaul of some of its subscription based productivity business with the launch of their Document Cloud, a place where professionals can handle their documents in one convenient place, and Acrobat DC, a newer version of its PDF viewing and editing program. These tools are expected to launch within the next month and start at around $15 per month.


The Document Cloud is Adobe’s third major move towards the cloud, following the Creative Cloud, a design app suite, and the Marketing Cloud, a bundle of marketing services. This cloud service is limited to documents and presentations for now, and can be integrated to work with Acrobat DC. This service was designed to deal with the waste an inefficiency that comes with document processes.


This product is targeted towards business and enterprises, not so much for consumers as many of its features help with efficiency within an organization. One technology that has been integrated into this service is EchoSign, an electronic signature service that Adobe acquired in 2005. Anyone using the Document Cloud can send another user documents to sign, all for only $2 per month.




Along with the Document Cloud, Adobe has launched (or will launch soon) some apps for use with the cloud for iOS and Android mobile devices. This includes a touchscreen based user interface for use on tablets. Another unique feature is an app called Fill and Sign that allows users to take a photo and get the text translated into a document that can be filled with text and signatures before being sent off.


Acrobat also now has a mobile app that brings most of the desktop abilities to a tablet. The app is free, but users can pay for more advanced features up to a full Document Cloud subscription.

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