Why are we writing this blog?

The founders of this blog have been involved in Cloud Computing Services for a combined total of 20 years, and software product development for much longer. The world of cloud computing  is one that is changing very rapidly and we and our customers have been looking for a way to keep up.  This News site is an effort to help anyone interested in the world of cloud computing stay up to date in this rapidly changing environment. For more information or inquiries please contact us.

Who we Are








Richard is a Technology Enthusiast within the Cloud Computing Arena.


Senior Editor

Erin is a Stanford University Student and Runs the Writing and Editing Team for CloudNewsDaily.com. She is Extremely Passionate about Technology and Computing.


Cloud Computing Expert and Full-Stack Developer

With more than Decade of Experience in Developing and Building Applications Using Various Cloud Computing Technologies; Jeremy Keeps the Site Running and Offers His Insight into the Industry.



Mike M. is a writer for CloudNewsDaily.com. He is a freelance writer mainly focusing on the Enterprise SaaS arena.



Guy Brandon is a writer for CloudNewsDaily.com. He is a professional journalist with over 15 years of experience.