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LawLoop Launches Cloud Solution for Lawyers

LawLoop Launches Cloud Solution for Lawyers

by RichardJanuary 30, 2012, a cloud computing solution for lawyers, today announced its official company launch at LegalTech 2012 in New York. provides a cloud-based solution that reinvents the way law firms of all sizes can securely and efficiently operate, collaborate and communicate. takes cloud-based solutions to the next level with uniquely designed “Loops” to safely and cost-effectively share documents, software and information both internally and externally.’s advanced networking feature uses individualized profiles and avatars to create more transparent virtual collaboration that increases firm and project productivity. was founded by attorneys Tom Zuber, Olivier Taillieu, Jeff Zuber and Josh Lawler, who were all also founding partners of Zuber and Taillieu LLP, in 2003. Zuber and Taillieu represent eight Fortune 100 companies, including cultural touchstones like the Coca Cola company and iconic government entities, including the FDIC and CalPERS. Tom Zuber and Olivier Taillieu serve as Co-CEOs of while Jeff Zuber and Josh Lawler serve as Co-Chairmen. Together they bring extensive legal backgrounds and entrepreneurial know-how from growing their own global firm from the ground floor.

“Cloud-computing is the future of technologies that will enable industries to better serve clients, integrate business solutions and collaborate virtually in a global network,” said Olivier Taillieu. “ elevates the functionality, security and communication capabilities of cloud-based solutions for the legal industry to a level not yet offered in the marketplace.”

As the creator of, Tom Zuber developed the “Loop” architecture to assimilate all the software, documents and networking tools necessary for front- and back-end legal operations bundled into one convenient solution. Every component of a “Loop” is accessible through one online portal, eliminating the need for any computer hardware other than a terminal to the cloud and a document scanner. is affordable enough for a one-person legal practice and robust enough for a top-ranked international legal enterprise.

“This is just the beginning of how the cloud will transform the way business is done, and is leading the way with our novel cloud-based technology,” said Tom Zuber. “What iPod did to revolutionize the mp3 player,’s ‘loop’ technology will do to revolutionize cloud computing.” invites participating members of LegalTech 2012 to attend “The Lawyer’s Inevitable Move to the Cloud” taking place January 31st in Sutton North. This educational seminar will feature a distinguished panel to address what every firm should know about conducting business in the cloud.

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